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A Comprehensive Overview of the China Market, from Author to Reader

China, now the world’s most populous country with 1.35 billion people, is anchored in cultural traditions stretching back nearly 4,000 years. The Chinese economic reform, started in 1978, has propelled China from the status of an extremely poor developing country to the ranking of the second-largest economy in the world, led only by the United States. The pace of growth and change within China and the influential position it holds on the world stage demand that publishers pay attention to this emerging market both from the perspectives of content producers and consumers, as well as that of a hot bed of collaboration and invention.

This pre-meeting session will provide participants with a comprehensive overview of the China market and help them better understand the local dimensions within this rapidly changing market. Topics covered will include a review of author and research practices, detailed information about funding and education activities, an in-depth look at the local Chinese journal publishing marketing, and a thorough review of perspectives on subscription sales held by librarians and end users.

This pre-annual meeting event is a rare occasion as it will include speakers who are top publishing leaders from China, presenting together with an experienced panel of China experts.Publishers will leave this pre-meeting with a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges faced in the China market, and should have some key practical take a ways on how position and promote their publication in China.