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Broaden your Borders: Market Trends and Opportunities in China, India, and Brazil

Why should you expand your outreach to China, India, and Brazil?

Commanding market forces: After the US, China’s economy is the largest in the world. By 2050, Indias GDP is projected to surpass that of the US and Japan and be second only to China.

More research, more readers: China, India, and Brazil are the numbers 1, 2, and 3 top producing research countries in the world and their population size mixed with their awe-inspiring investment in R&D mean huge and growing markets.

Library consortia: Newly formed and expanding consortia are improving access to and increasing demand for scholarly publications.

Against a slideshow of pictures from recent tours of the regions, this session will begin by providing attendees with an updated overview of the scholarly publishing market in China, India, and Brazil. Next will be a presentation on the substantial and growing consortial sales opportunities for both clinical and basis science publications. How do the regions perceive and practice OA? Hear directly from an local OA publisher. A leading scientist will discuss the growing investment in research and the subject areas that are producing the highest quality science for publication. Come travel with us…