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Navigating the Journals Commissioning / Acquisitions Landscape

Concurrent 2D: Navigating the Journals Commissioning / Acquisitions Landscape

Commissioning and acquisitions are essential activities for any journals publisher that aims to grow and that wants be part of the scholarly publishing landscape. In this 90-minute session, a selection of journals editors and publishers from a variety of organizations will talk about this dynamic and diverse role, which features business development and strategy, market research and competitor analysis, and editorial and product development. Companies represented will include large commercial publishers, smaller not-for-profits, university presses and open access publishers. Editors from STEM and SSH subject disciplines will speak about their role and daily tasks, including how they research and launch new journals; acquire existing titles; manage society relationships; and develop new OA models. After the presentations, there will be a panel discussion on common challenges and opportunities in journals commissioning/acquisitions. Editors will also share their insights into business innovation and new product development programs.