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The Future of Peer Review: Game Changers

Concurrent 4E: The Future of Peer Review: Game Changers

The Internet has changed the ways that people communicate. Ideas circulate around the world faster than ever before. Novel services have emerged to help users distribute and/or discover new content with ease and speed. So why should it take 6 to 18 months for new research to be published? Simply put, our peer review processes and technologies haven’t evolved fast enough. Peer review remains a critical element of the scholarly process, but it also remains the largest bottleneck in the publication workflow. Can Internet services change the way peer review is done, so that peer review is both faster and more robust than it has been in the past?  This session will explore these questions, and will look at the approaches of two companies to the future of peer review.

Moderator: Jason Priem, Impact Story / UNC Chapel Hill