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What it Means to be a Truly Global Organization

Concurrent 4D: What it Means to be a Truly Global Organization

Being truly global these days is not just about sales. Countries outside the US and UK are fast-growing sources of authors, editors and editorial board members, and reviewers. This session will help you better understand and appreciate the need to think globally while acting locally.

The 21st century requires that we look beyond our borders for growth.  This means understanding how these markets function differently and developing appropriate strategies..  The challenge before publishers is to learn a different way of doing business.

This session will  shed some light on how both scholarly publishers and membership organizations like SSP might be able to become a truly global organization.  Speakers will include members from the SSP Global Strategic Task Force who will share insights on how a professional society can become more international…  The session will also present a practical case study on how a collaborative arrangement has been able to bring both publishers and sales agents together to develop substantial global sales and knowledge within the consortia landscape. A final overseas speaker will address their specific local and global market needs from a 180 degree perspective showing what it means to them to become more global.

This session will give key insights into how you could and should think to be more global across and throughout your organization.

Moderator: Adrian Stanley, The Charlesworth Group