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What Publishers Need to Know About Discovery Services

Concurrent 5C: What Publishers Need to Know About Discovery Services

This session explores important considerations for publishers regarding search & discovery, and the emerging impact of indexed discovery service products. We’ll learn about Google Scholar Citations, how to create an author profile and what it does. We’ll cover how scholarly publishers play a crucial role in ensuring that their authors have as complete and accurate a profile as possible (think lots of structured data!), as well as that their profiles can be linked to the corresponding articles on publishers’ sites. We’ll also examine the increasing need for clear metadata production targets for publishers and their partners to produce and deliver descriptive data required by new discovery platforms. We will report on the progress/success of current industry initiatives to establish standard practices for how content is represented in discovery services, including systems supporting, interacting, and changing collection development and access strategies for journals and monographs. This session will also explore how wide spread the adoption of these services is, the motivation behind using such services, and the expectation of libraries that are providing such services to their patrons. If a publisher is to thrive in new environments where use of content may be as important as making sales, it is critical to expose book and journal content at an abstract level, in order for that published work to be found, used, or requested within a Demand Driven Acquisition model.