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2018-2019 Election Candidates

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Angela Cochran, Associate Publisher, American Society of Civil Engineers

Bio: I am the Associate Publisher and Director of Journals for the American Society of Civil Engineers in Reston, Virginia. ASCE publishes 36 technical journals across all areas of civil engineering. Prior to becoming Journals Director, I was the Production Director at ASCE overseeing all production aspects of journals, a monthly member magazine, and book products. I previously served as the Managing Editor of Cancer and Cancer Cytopathology at the American Cancer Society and as Production Manager for Journals at ASCE. I also produced books for Globe Fearon, a division of Pearson, and for Appleton & Lange. I am Past-president of the Council of Science Editors and a regular contributor and Associate Editor of The Scholarly Kitchen.

Vision Statement: SSP has seen strong growth not only in membership and meeting participation but also in the influence it has in the scholarly publishing community. I have been impressed with efforts to bring attention to industry-wide issues such as diversity, education, and career development. I would be honored to continue this work as a member of the board. SSP is primed to increase its impact. The success of The Scholarly Kitchen, which I am fortunate to participate in, as well as newer initiatives in mentoring and the Member Exchange online community are creating a space not just for the organization but also the members to network and learn together. To me, having a strong network is the value proposition from SSP. The larger the pool, the more valuable the network. Where I see potential for further growth would be in expanding the international footprint of the organization. SSP’s participation with the APE meeting this fall was a good step in that direction. I see more opportunities for SSP to bring the same high-quality programming we get in the US to new members in other parts of the world. In exchange, the US-based members can take advantage of a more international network. If I am chosen to take a leadership role in SSP, I will work to continue this growth and seek more opportunities to expand the reach of the network that benefits all of us.

Byron Laws, Director of Sales, Nova Techset Limited

Bio: With a background in electronics in the US Air Force and a degree in Marketing/PR, I’ve worked for more than 20 years on the business side of companies that use technology to simplify processes and solve problems for publishers. This includes leadership roles at Ovid Technologies (Wolters Kluwer), Aptara, Lumina Datamatics, and KiwiTech. Currently, I head the Americas region for Nova Techset, a publishing technology services firm. Working in scholarly publishing has been meaningful to me, allowing me to build relationships with exceptional industry colleagues while contributing to the dissemination of crucial content.

I’ve been a member of SSP since 2001. Over the years, I have served as co-chair of the Education, Marketing, and Finance Committees, and more recently as an SSP mentor and co-chair of the Philanthropic Funding Task Force, where we seek to establish perpetual funding for new and ongoing initiatives. I am on the SSP Board, serving a second three-year term as SSP Treasurer. My current SSP volunteer work is focused on the continual improvement of the society’s financial condition.

Vision Statement: There has been an innovative shift in SSP’s direction over the last few years, as we respond to transformative change in the publishing industry as a whole. SSP is an industry leader and global influencer in scholarly publishing. Thoughtful direction of the society is crucial.

We now have much discussion about diversity and early career/mentorship initiatives, expanded professional and educational offerings, and additions to the already strong value of SSP membership. As SSP President, I will continue to support these efforts.

I am also passionate about what I feel is the greatest strength of SSP: our amazingly involved and deeply committed volunteers. It will be my purpose to make sure that every SSP member who wants to give of themselves personally and professionally is able to do so, according to their desire and availability.

I believe my overall knowledge and experience in publishing, and more specifically within SSP—as a society member, as a member of the board/executive committee, and as a highly-engaged volunteer—will further strengthen the society. I would be honored to continue shaping the direction of our society as SSP President.

Miranda Walker, Senior Publisher – Health Learning, Research & Practice, Wolters Kluwer

Bio: I am a senior publisher at Wolters Kluwer Health Inc. /LWW. My role is to guide the business and strategic goals for a portfolio of society partner publications. A large part of my responsibilities include understanding complex industry challenges. Prior to my move to Wolters Kluwer in 2016, I was a director of publications at INFORMS where I led the society’s self-publishing program.

I am currently on the SSP Training Task Force. I was recently elected to the Board of Directors of the National Information Standards Organization (NISO) and have served on the CrossRef Board of Directors.

Vision Statement: When I started in this business 15 years ago, I knew if I worked hard and took advantage of organizations like SSP I would have a long and fulfilling career. Can we still look forward 15 years and see our role in scholarly publishing? What will journals look like for the next generations? How will information be absorbed and on what technology? How will content be vetted? What will be more important, speed or spelling?

These are all difficult questions but facilitating the conversation is a key charge of SSP, allowing us to stay abreast of the technology and innovation necessary to move forward in our careers.

As president, I will drive efforts that support networking and exposure to progressive ideas. These can be built on the initiatives of current programs including The Scholarly Kitchen, local chapters, mentoring and education, and the C3 online community, to name a few.



Elizabeth R. Lorbeer, Library Director, Associate Professor & Chair, Department of the Medical Library, Western Michigan University Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine

Bio: I began my role as the library director for Western Michigan University Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine (WMed) in 2013.  Additionally, I am a board member of the Medical Library Association, a representative to the Council of Faculty and Academic Societies, and principal investigator to an NIH/NNLM Express Library Digitization Award grant. I regularly consult for publishers and vendors. In my role as Associate Professor, I teach scholarly communications within the medical education program at WMed. I earned a Master’s in Library Sciences from the University at Buffalo and then completed a Master’s of Education in Higher Education Administration from Boston University.

Vision Statement: Being a member of SSP for the last eight years has allowed me to go beyond my role of knowledge manager and truly understand the dynamics of publishing.  SSP connects editors, librarians, publishers, and software partners, and through mutual aid, we can work harmoniously to support the publication lifecycle and guide authors in responsible authorship.  Now, more than ever, SSP members play an essential role in educating authors to be accountable to protect the integrity of their research by selecting outlets who uphold the highest ethical principles and practices in scholarly publishing.  As all of us in the academic and publishing communities understand, there is always more to discover and disseminate.  It is our shared responsibility to promote knowledge through publication and presentation to advance scholarship, science, and the arts.

Wayne Manos, Director, Product Development and Marketing, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press

Bio: I am Director of Product Development and Marketing at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press (CSHLP), where I have worked for ten years in a variety of roles. We’re a small non-profit publisher that is part of a renowned biological research institution based on the north shore of Long Island, New York. Before CSHLP I worked at the American Institute of Physics for 10 years in several positions including copywriter, marketing manager and e-commerce program director. Outside of publishing, I’ve worked as a consultant in marketing and advertising for a number of companies including IBM, MasterCard, New York University, and Revlon. Since 2009, one of my favorite jobs has been serving as a member of the SSP Annual Meeting Program Committee.

Vision Statement: SSP exists to help us further our careers and the field of scholarly communication. Key to both is SSP’s ongoing commitment to create an inclusive environment that encourages both personal and professional engagement. From first-time meeting attendees, to long-standing members who remember when Mosaic was the on-ramp to the information superhighway, we are a growing and increasingly diverse group.  As part of SSP’s Annual Meeting Program Committee, I’ve seen how input for session topics from our members (and almost members) reflects the many changes impacting all areas of publishing. More and significant change is clearly on the horizon. New technologies, business models, and the voices of emerging, non-traditional stakeholders will drive many of these developments. As an organization SSP is well positioned to continue evolving and ensure that all feel inspired to join us via a widening variety of opportunities and channels.  As a board member, my hope will be to help SSP advance such initiatives and to contribute the perspective of an organization with deep roots to early career and international scientists, many of whom are entering and influencing the field of scholarly communication.

Alison Mudditt, Chief Executive Officer, PLOS

Bio: As the recently-appointed CEO, my current focus is on defining the next innovative frontier for PLOS, one worthy of our legacy and centered on our communities. I’m also a contributor to The Scholarly Kitchen blog and serve on the Board of Directors of ALPSP and the Advisory Board for the Authors’ Alliance. Prior to joining PLOS, I served as Director of the University of California Press and Executive Vice President at SAGE. My 30-year publishing career also includes leadership roles at Blackwell and Taylor & Francis, and volunteer Board and Committee roles for organizations including PSP, the American Heart Association, California State University and the Open Access Network.

Vision Statement: We find ourselves at a pivotal moment and I don’t think that scholarly communication can or should ignore the wider fractures and transformations in our world. Something has shifted, and my vision for SSP is one in which we embrace this opportunity to question the status quo, to change which stories get told and who gets listened to.

As a Board member, I would work to expand SSP’s commitment to inclusion by focusing on practical changes that member organizations and individuals can make to build a more diverse pipeline, to ensure that our organizations are welcoming and supportive, and to clear the barriers that still exist for many to progress into leadership roles. Ideas include:

  • Expansion of mentorship beyond entry levels to boost future leadership diversity (in a majority-women industry, leadership roles lag way behind – let’s target mentors to help women navigate the labyrinth of challenges they encounter).
  • Broaden existing programs to include mentoring and diversity-boosting components (one example – willing SK chefs could partner with junior colleagues to develop skills and confidence in research, writing and presentation).

SSP has the potential to play a critical role in reshaping scholarly communication to better reflect the rich and varied gender, racial, cultural and socioeconomic heritages that inform our world.

Laura Ricci, Senior Product Manager for Partnerships, EBSCO

Bio: I am the Senior Product Manager for Partnerships in the EBSCO eBooks division, where I have had multiple roles since joining the company in 2013. Previously, I was the Senior Market Analyst of STM and Education & Training at Outsell, Inc., a research and consultancy firm focused on the information industry. Throughout my career I have enjoyed seeking unique learning opportunities, from a secondment in New Delhi with Pearson Education, to earning an MA in International Publishing at Oxford Brookes University. SSP has played an important role in my development since I first presented in a pre-meeting seminar in 2012. Since then I have served on the Boston Regional Programming Task Force and Early Career Task Force, and have five years’ experience on the Annual Meeting Committee, where I am currently in my third year as co-chair. In 2016 I was a recipient of the SSP Emerging Leader Award.

Vision Statement: Whenever asked about what makes SSP special, my first response is always the strength of its individual membership. Not only is SSP a network where companies and societies can discuss mission-critical business, it is also a place where motivated individuals can achieve career-broadening learning experiences. As the foundations of scholarly communication continue to shift, the skills needed in our organizations will likewise evolve. My vision for SSP is to give talented individuals of all backgrounds the opportunities to develop the tools to meet those needs. This includes ensuring SSP facilitates in-person networking events, online knowledge sharing and peer groups, and personal mentorship whether at the early career level or for those looking to re-skill. I will have succeeded if the benefits of these programs are visible within each organization, as SSP members use their newly acquired talents to deliver value to their employers and expand the boundaries of our industry.

Jake Zarnegar, Chief Product Officer, Silverchair

Bio: As Chief Product Officer at Silverchair, I am responsible for aligning the Silverchair Platform with the current and future business needs of scholarly and scientific publishers.  I joined Silverchair (and the industry) in the late 1990s and have helped guide Silverchair from a variety of leadership positions in technology, production, sales, and product management over the last 20 years.  I have been actively engaged with SSP for my entire career – I previously served on the SSP Education Committee, co-chaired the SSP Communications Committee, and have participated in SSP’s annual conference more than 15 times as an attendee, panelist, and sponsor.

Vision Statement: My vision for SSP is for the organization to drive industry-wide conversations where our conventional wisdom is challenged and all ideas are given a forum to be discussed.  We all must be brave and stare down the change that is coming to scholarly publishing so that we can understand its shape and how we can best participate in the benefits it will bring (and minimize the drawbacks change may unleash).  SSP should be a leader by convening meetings, webinars and publications where emerging issues take center stage.  I also want SSP to seek methods to become more personalized and less homogenous.  The world has become increasingly adept at using data to predict the most valuable content and experiences for individuals and proactively “push” them at the right time.  If elected as an At-Large Member of the SSP Board, I will challenge the organization to be brave in its topic selection and to personalize its services to members for maximum learning and engagement.

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