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Mentorship is a proven approach to advancing in one’s career, particularly for those new in their field or place of employment. Mentorship goes beyond training and education by helping newcomers navigate through the sometimes confusing or complex situations they can face. Mentors and mentees can be of any age or in any stage in their career.

Mentors benefit by giving back to the field, enjoying the satisfaction and impact of sharing their knowledge and experience, expanding their networks, and learning new things from their mentee, to name a few. Mentees benefit from new perspectives on their work, expanding their networks, gaining a sounding board for ideas and projects, and increasing their sense of self-worth.

SSP offers a number of formal and informal opportunities for mentors and mentorees alike.

Mentorship Program: SSP offers a Mentorship Program that allows professionals at all levels to connect with mentors in order to develop new relationships, share experiences, and learn from others outside their organizations. The program runs for 6 months and includes one-on-one meetings with your mentor or mentee as well as virtual discussion groups and trainings.

Fellowship Program: The Fellowship Program, offers year-round mentorship, along with other benefits. Mentors who are assigned to grantees offer their guidance beyond just the mentoring role during the Annual Meeting.

Committee work: SSP encourages all members to become involved on committees, not only to learn more about the Society’s inner workings but also to gain knowledge and perspective from other committee members. Committee chairs often serve as mentors as well as leaders.

SSP events: The Annual Meeting, seminars, and regional gatherings enable face-to-face networking and opportunities for potential mentors and mentorees to connect.


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