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Quick Connect

Ever wish you could get advice or guidance on an ad-hoc basis, from people you respect and think you could learn from—even when you may not know them personally? Are you missing the opportunity to connect with like-minded people that have similar challenges and knowledge to share because conferences and in-person events have been canceled or transitioned to virtual delivery? Would your understanding of a particular topic or concept be so much clearer if you could just pick someone’s brain for an hour?

This new program from SSP—a type of micro-mentoring—is designed to connect SSP members anywhere in the world for short-term, focused interactions. Scholarly communications professionals can get targeted help and receive a greater variety of feedback through this innovative program designed with the idea that multiple and diverse viewpoints lead to better outcomes or understanding. While it’s difficult to replicate the serendipity of networking at an in-person event, Quick Connect aims to provide these valuable connections year-round without the need to travel. 

Connections are made on C3 through self-matching and last no more than 2 weeks. Interactions might range from a one-hour phone call or meeting to exchanging several emails over a short period of time. The program is open to all SSP members as well as all employees of SSP Organizational Members in good standing. 

HowItWorks.pngHow it Works

  • Knowledge Seekers set up a profile to share who they are and to show Advisors what they need help with. 
  • Advisors set up a profile to share who they are and show Knowledge Seekers their areas of expertise or knowledge.
  • An individual can be both a Knowledge Seeker and an Advisor.
  • Knowledge Seekers search the profiles of Advisors who have the experience, background, and knowledge they are looking for.
  • Knowledge Seekers reach out to potential Advisors by sending them a request through C3 to see if they’re the right Advisor to help them with their specific need or question. 
  • Once it’s determined to be a good match by both parties, the Knowledge Seeker and Advisor schedule one or more meetings (or other communications) over the course of a two week period. The relationship may go on informally after the initial connection upon mutual agreement of both parties, but the match is marked complete after two weeks, signifying the Advisor is available to help others.
  • Advisors can indicate in their profile how many engagements with Knowledge Seekers they are willing to take on at once and Knowledge Seekers can connect with multiple Advisors during the same time period.

Visit C³ to learn more!


Thank you to our sponsor of the Quick Connect Program, Technica Editorial.

Supporting the SSP Quick Connect Program

For organizations interested in supporting the SSP Quick Connect Program, sponsorship packages are available. For more information about sponsorship opportunities, please download the SSP Media Kit or contact Christina DeRose at parnterships@sspnet.org.