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04.26.2023 | SSP News & Releases

45th Annual Meeting Industry Breakout Sessions

Sometimes a description isn’t quite informative enough, so we asked our Industry Breakout speakers to tell us in one or two sentences what they think will be compelling about their session:

Bloomsbury | Changing Relationships in the Post-Pandemic World with Customers, Authors and Colleagues: How We Maintain, Enhance, Diversify Them for Long-Term Gain at Bloomsbury

Who do you trust with your research? Are all publishers only after money? Will I get a fair peer review? Come to Bloomsbury’s talk on May 31st and hear more about how Bloomsbury are answering these questions and more! —Pooja Aggarwal, Bloomsbury Publishing Plc

Cactus Communications | Embracing the Future of Publishing with Cactus AI Solutions

Join the AI revolution in academic research with CACTUS, the leading provider of AI technologies for the publishing industry, offering tailored solutions to enhance the writing and publishing process. —Chirag (Jay) Patel, CACTUS

The Charlesworth Group | Author Experience in China: Localizing for Success

Discover how to maximise your opportunity in China through a localised AX and marketing approach. —Andrew Smith, The Charlesworth Group

Copyright Clearance Center | Collaboration Through Integration: The Key to Transparent OA Funding Eligibility

Learn more from CCC about the power of API-based, data-sharing solutions that provide user-friendly paths to OA. —Hayley Sund, Copyright Clearance Center

DataSeer | Your Open Research Toolkit

The Open Research Revolution is here, and chances are you’re not feeling ready. What proportion of your authors share datasets? Did your new open code policy even do anything? How can you help your researchers comply with all the new funder, publisher, and institutional mandates? The DataSeer Industry Breakout session (12pm, Wed 31st May) has the answers you need. —Tim Vines, DataSeer

Deanta | Trends In Academic Publishing, 2023

Discover how the academic publishers are adapting to the forces of change, including technology, regulation and economics. —Patrick Shafe, Deanta Global

Digital Science | Dimensions: Bringing Data into Focus

Get exclusive early visibility into the latest capabilities with Dimensions following a strong year of rapid development around research integrity data, custom dashboarding, and the new apps infrastructure! —Sabia Morrison, Digital Science

eJournalPress, Wiley Partner Solutions | Managing Open Access (OA) Payments and Read & Publish Deals with the eJournalPress Billing Payment System (BPS)

Is your organization spending valuable staff time tracking fees associated with Open Access (OA)? Join eJPress to discuss putting metadata to work for your publications. —Anna Jester, eJPress

eLife | Transforming Research Communication with Preprint Review

Hear about eLife’s new model that has sparked vibrant discussions on science publishing. —Emily Packer, eLife

KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. | PUBLISH NOW: A True One-Stop Content Workflow for Scholarly Associations

The KGL session is designed to help independent and society publishers understand the benefits of working with a single trusted partner across the full content life cycle, eliminating vendor handoffs and publication delays while exceeding author and user expectations. KGL look forward to showcasing several projects and customers they have helped to remain competitive during increasingly uncertain times. —Alexandra Kahler, Head of KGL Editorial, KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd.

Kriyadocs | Agility in Publishing: A Case for Embracing Change

Gain valuable insights into transforming your publishing organization into an agile powerhouse. —Ravi Venkataramani, Kriyadocs

Research Square | Increasing Publishing Rate and Author Satisfaction through AI-Powered Digital Editing

Discover how AJE’s Digital Editing improved the acceptance rate of manuscripts with low language scores and get the latest developments on this game-changing technology from a case study perspective with Springer Nature. —BethAnne Dorn, Research Square

Silverchair | The Silverchair Platform: All Your Content in One Place

SSP is a shining example of a community where engaged publishers come together to share innovations, generating endless possibilities. In this session, Silverchair will spotlight some of the amazing things their community of clients are doing that may inspire some ideas of your own. —Stephanie Lovegrove Hansen, Silverchair

Taylor & Francis | After Nelson: Publishing options for learned societies—the Nuclear Science and Technology Open Research case study

The “nuclear option.” Find out how you can diversify your society’s portfolio with new, open, Nelson memo–compliant publishing opportunities for members and researchers in the field, offering complementary article options (such as methods, data notes, and software tools). The American Nuclear Society’s innovative and newly launched Nuclear Science and Technology Open Research Platform (NSTOR) will provide practical insights and examples. —Shirley Dent, Taylor and Francis

TNQ Technologies | ChatGPT and other LLMs: Should We Celebrate or Be Afraid of These Technologies?

Join us for an interactive session on ChatGPT and other LLMs: Are we witnessing a technological revolution or a threat to the conventional publishing industry? —Ravi Pardesi, TNQ Technologies

Virtusales | Real Use Cases: How Publishers Are Using Software to Publish More Productively

How are world-leading scholarly publishers and university presses – including Elsevier, PRH, Oxford, Harvard, Princeton and many more – using BiblioSuite to increase their efficiency and publish more productively? Join Virtusales’ SSP Industry Breakout Session on 31st May, 1:30pm PT to find out. —Alaina-Marie Bassett, Virtusales

Wolters Kluwer | Developing and Monetizing Innovations through Strategic Partnerships

Join Wolters Kluwer to learn how to enhance, repurpose, and monetize your content! —Shelly Winters, Wolters Kluwer

Additional Industry Breakout Sessions include:

Ex Ordo | An Innovative and Sustainable Future for Scholarly Events

Morressier | AI, Machine Learning, and more, oh my! Finding the right mix of technology for the future of publishing

Straive | The Future of Publishing Workflows: How the AiKira Publishing Platform from Straive is Setting the Standard

Is your curiosity piqued? Then kick off the Annual Meeting on May 31 by networking with these industry thought leaders who share advice, case studies, expertise, and the latest market solutions in our Industry Breakout sessions starting at noon on Wednesday. Learn more about SSP’s 45th Annual Meeting and register now!

News contribution by SSP member, Heather Kotula, who says she’s having trouble choosing which ones to attend because they all sound good! Heather is the Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Access Innovations, Inc.

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