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04.18.2018 | SSP News & Releases

April Issue of Learned Publishing is Now Available

As Learned Publishing celebrates its 30th birthday, the April issue opens with an editorial celebrating this milestone. “Question all assumptions” looks at the big questions that the journal has addressed during its history, and asks where we might be going in the future.

In addition to this editorial, the other articles in the issue continue the dialogue with original research on why authors publish in “predatory” journals – and an opinion piece asking if it is “Time to stop talking about predatory journals’? There is research on the use of DOIs in China (with some unexpected findings), and looking at how – and if – citation counts can be anticipated, and the OA landscape of natural and social sciences (did you know that Brazil is the third largest contributor of indexed OA journals?). Along with several opinion pieces – one questioning whether the future of publishing is revolution or evolution; a case study on machine learning; and a discussion of the website’s role in content marketing – the issue is packed with useful content and a great start to our anniversary year.

Everyone working for an ALPSP member organization can access the full text by logging in via ALPSP, https://www.alpsp.org/Learned-Publishing. SSP members – please log in to the member center on the SSP website to access the full content.

The journal is now live on the new Wiley platform, so come have a tour of our new site. Happy springtime reading!


Lettie Y. Conrad
North American Editor
Learned Publishing




NOTE: All articles are free to SSP members and journal subscribers; those editorials, reviews and articles using the ‘ALPSP Author Choice’ OA option, are now free to all. Also, be sure to sign up to receive an email alert or RSS feed every time a new issue goes online.

Learned Publishing Vol. 31 / No. 2, April 2018


Question all assumptions
by Pippa Smart, Editor in Chief

Original articles

Mapping the scientific research on open data: A bibliometric review
by Yun Zhang, Shunbo Yuan and Weina Hua

Open access publications in sciences and social sciences: A comparative analysis
by Weishu Lui and Yanchao Li

An evaluation of information behaviour studies through the Scholarly Capital Model
by Faramarz Soheili, Ali Akbar Khasseh, Afshin Mousavi Chelak and Mohammad Tavakolizadeh-Ravari

Contributing factors to long‐term citation count in marine and freshwater biology articles
by Joshua R Nash, Rafael J Araujo and Geoffrey S Snideler

Why do authors publish in predatory journals?
by Serhat Kurt

Digital object identifier and its use in core Chinese academic journals: A Chinese perspective
by Wellang Wang, Bin You, Ping Zhang, Yifeng Chen and Lvxiang Deng

Case studies

Combining human input with machine learning: A case study
by Michael Upshall

Opinion pieces

The future of academic publishing: Revolution or evolution?
by Francis Dodds

Putting an end to download‐and‐go: The website’s role in a content marketing ecosystem
by Jacob Wilcock

Time to stop talking about ‘predatory journals’
by Stefan Erikson and Gert Helgesson


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