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11.29.2022 | SSP News & Releases

Ask the Community: Giving Tuesday

In honor of Giving Tuesday, we asked contributors to the SSP Generations Fund why they contribute. Their responses are heartwarming:

No organization has been more important to me in my four-plus-decades career in publishing than SSP. When I think back on all the things I first learned about at SSP that have been indispensable in my work over the years, and to this day–the scholarly publishing world has changed dramatically in that time–and best of all, all the amazing, wonderful people I have met through SSP and still have relationships with, it’s almost overwhelming. Contributing to the Generations Fund is the least I can do to help young people today to get the benefits I’ve enjoyed from being involved, and to build SSP’s next four decades.

– Bill Kasdorf

SSP provided me with a home when I combined my library and publishing work experiences. I always find the SSP conference to be enlightening and exciting. I served as a mentor in their fellowship program for years and wanted to give SSP a gift in return for all it has given me. It truly is a place where ideas can be explored from many facets. SSP wants to assist others with their professional growth, and I wanted to help SSP do that with my gift.

– Jean P. Shipman

I contribute to the SSP Generations Fund in part to give back all that SSP has given to me! I also give because I believe mentoring is so impactful for individual and organizational success.

– Jennifer Pesanelli

I continue to support the SSP Generations Fund because I believe in the mission of SSP to advance scholarly publishing and communication, and the professional development of its members, through education, collaboration, and networking.  I have benefited greatly both personally and professionally due to my participation in SSP, and want to make sure early career members of our industry have even more opportunities than I did. The Generations Fund will ensure that future generations of publishing professions will be enriched by SSP’s programs and community.

– Mike Di Natale, AAAS

I give annually to the Generations Fund. I started giving the first year the fund was created. I was looking for charities to support for Giving Tuesday and wanted to expand beyond my normal circle. It was an email that made me think: Why not support the future of scholarly publications? We’ve already seen so many other types of publications disappear and do not want this to happen to the scholarly society. By donating, I was able to feel supportive of a society that has provided me mentorship and training while also helping future members.

– Joann Fogleson, ASCE

I have always appreciated that SSP welcomes a diverse and inclusive community of professionals.  My contribution to the SSP Generations Fund develops early-career professionals so they can continue this supportive community and benefit from mentoring and fellowship.

– Adrienne White, ASCO

So, I probably shouldn’t say this, but it doesn’t hurt that it’s made easy to do as an “add on” when I register for the annual conference. But seriously, I believe we ALL have a responsibility to support the next generation and ensure that there are opportunities for learning and advancement for early career and marginalized folks. If you love this industry and care about its future, it just seems like the right thing to do.

– Jabin White, JSTOR

I have benefitted so much from SSP and its larger community and have been lucky to have been in the right place at the right time with the right people in so many instances in my career and I see this fund as facilitating those chance meetings and opportunities that will bring folks to new places and heights in their careers, to the betterment not just of themselves, but the scholarly communications ecosystem at large.

– Hannah Heckner, Silverchair

SSP has been my professional ‘home’ for more than a decade. It has helped me to grow both professionally and personally, but more importantly, I’ve met many, many friends through its activities. It only seems right to acknowledge this ‘gift’ through a contribution to the Generations Fund.

– Patrick Franzen, SPIE

Support the future of scholarly communications.

Donate to the Generations Fund today.

News contribution by SSP member, Heather Kotula. Heather is the Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Access Innovations, Inc.

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