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04.15.2022 | SSP News & Releases

Ask the Experts Preview | Trends in Publishing Chinese Research

Our 2022 Ask the Experts series continues with “Trends in Publishing Chinese Research,” happening Thursday, April 21, at 11 am EDT. Registration for the event remains open, with a discount available for SSP members.


Scholarly publishers should concentrate on China, which continues to be viewed as a market with untapped potential; however, the publishing landscape in China is rapidly evolving.

As rules for Chinese researchers and authors shift, does this present an opportunity for publishers, or should it cause concern? This Ask the Experts session aims to provide insight for publishers who want to prepare for possible disruptions and the opportunities that come with publishing Chinese research.

Adrian Stanley, General Manager at JMIR Publications, will moderate the event and is joined by Nicko Goncharoff, Managing Director, Osmanthus Consulting Ltd, Donna Minton, PhD, Director of Publications, Chinese Chemical Society, and Tao Tao, Managing Editor, American College of Cardiology.

Why is this topic important and timely?
In many disciplines, submissions from China make up a large percentage of received manuscripts. The rules for researchers in China, including where they should submit, continue to progress. Can publishers discover methods to mitigate potential submission losses while concurrently positioning their journals to become more appealing to Chinese authors?

Is there a particular aspect of this topic that is noteworthy?
As the landscape evolves, journals submission trends will change. For example, will some journals see significant declines in submissions?

What should attendees expect?
Commercial and society publishers with journals that receive submissions from China should attend this event to participate in a fascinating discussion around the following topics. Do Chinese researchers still want to publish internationally? Are there concerns about the quality of research articles submitted from China? Are there still opportunities for western publishers to partner with Chinese journals? What policy changes are on the horizon? What sorts of marketing/outreach initiatives are successful in China?

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Thank you to our generous 2022 education sponsors, ARPHA, F1000 | Taylor & Francis, J&J EditorialOpen Athens, and Silverchair.

News contribution by SSP member, Keith T. Gigliello. Keith is the Deputy Director of Publications at the American Society of Hematology.

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