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10.12.2021 | Member News & Releases

Cadmore Media First Video Platform to Partner with Crossref as Service Provider

October 11, 2021 – Cadmore Media is now a registered service provider for Crossref members, working in the spirit of collaboration to support member needs and create best practices for the creation, registration, and display of metadata. As the first platform exclusively devoted to multimedia to collaborate with Crossref, Cadmore hopes to illustrate the importance of DOIs and other metadata in the video publishing process. As CEO Violaine Iglesias notes, “We’ve long been proponents of capturing high-quality and accurate metadata when publishing scholarly video content and streamlining the management of such data is a core competency for us. This new partnership with Crossref is a confirmation of our commitment and we’re excited to share and develop best practices for multimedia metadata with members.”

Jennifer Kemp, Head of Partnerships at Crossref added, “We’re delighted to have Cadmore Media as a Crossref Service Provider. Service Providers are a small group but play a big role in Crossref metadata. Cadmore’s work with the growing body of scholarly audiovisual content will help inform our thinking on metadata for multimedia and I look forward to working with the Cadmore team.” 

The capture and display of complete metadata allows for much improved discovery of content. Multimedia content in particular is often not treated with the same rigor as other scholarly work, leaving it open to the vagaries of URLs and thus easily lost, misfiled, or otherwise undetectable to readers. Assigning a DOI to a scholarly video is the best way to ensure and expand access and thus increase reach. It also makes it easy to find related content, such as an abstract of a paper along with the conference video presentation, when both are assigned related DOIs. Cadmore can request and assign these DOIs as part of the publishing workflow, or integrate with existing workflows.  

About Cadmore Media We make publishing scholarly video easy by combining cutting-edge technology with tailored service. Our streaming media platform offers scholarly organizations new ways to use multimedia assets to generate revenue and engage and expand membership. Whether you’re looking for a virtual event platform, a multimedia content hub, or a simple way to embed video in your existing publishing platform, we can help. https://cadmore.media/

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