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09.14.2022 | Member News & Releases

Championing Research Integrity at Peer Review Week 2022

Cactus Communications (CACTUS), a science communications and technology company, is co-chairing Peer Review Week 2022, an annual virtual event for the global scholarly community, between September 19 and 23, 2022. The theme for this year’s event is ‘research integrity: creating and supporting trust in research’, which was selected by the global scholarly community through an open poll. CACTUS’ activities at Peer Review Week 2022 will be hosted by Editage, the flagship brand of CACTUS, and Researcher.Life and will include live panel discussions, interviews, guest posts, and an ask-me-anything session organized especially for academics in China.

Jayashree Rajagopalan, Author Community Lead, CACTUS, is co-chairing this year’s Peer Review Week, now in its eighth edition, supported by steering committee member Sneha Kulkarni, Editor-in-chief, Editage Insights, CACTUS.  

Jayashree Rajagopalan, Author Community Lead, CACTUS, and Co-Chair of Peer Review Week 2022, commented, “With the focus on research integrity in peer review, it is imperative for the global scholarly community to gather, discuss, and understand how peer review processes help maintain and strengthen the integrity of critical scientific research. The week-long event is a great platform for us to showcase the diverse perspectives, voices, opinions, and experiences on how peer review can help improve research integrity.”

Abhishek Goel, CEO, and Co-Founder, CACTUS, added, “Research integrity has become a growing concern in recent years, with critical decisions and even government policies globally relying on access to credible research findings and threats to the trustworthiness of science looming large. Peer review is one of the core mechanisms to evaluate the quality of research. This year’s Peer Review Week theme is a timely reminder to have an open dialog on the ways in which peer review is and can continue supporting integrity of research.”

During the event, CACTUS will host several interactive activities to celebrate peer review and explore the theme through expert-led conversations. Some key discussions with global experts include interviewing authors, reviewers, and editors about their expectations from peer review; unveiling the human side of navigating the peer review process through an in-depth conversation with the stakeholders of scholarly publishing and peeking behind the scenes of what happens when research integrity issues and challenges surface. CACTUS’ online sessions and events are open to all and will be available for registrants to view on-demand, along with any additional resources from the event.

To participate in CACTUS’ Peer Review Week 2022 activities, please visit-https://www.editage.com/info/peer-review-week-2022-editage/

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