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04.04.2017  |  SSP News & Releases

Explore the challenges of modern metadata with next week’s webinar

Just one week to go until the Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) presents its spring webinar, ‘Building a Common Infrastructure: The Challenges of Modern Metadata’, from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. ET on April 11.  Registration for the event remains open, with a discount for SSP members.

Metadata drives everything we do in the current ecosystem of scholarly publishing but, complying with new mandates and initiatives that go beyond the basics can be a challenge. How much should we ask from our authors? How can we work with vendors to collect and share the best metadata? What are our expectations of publishers? Next week’s webinar will present a varied line up speakers each providing a unique perspective about making metadata easier to collect and distribute, and the benefits of painting a complete picture with metadata.

Speakers will include:

The session will moderated by Patricia Feeney, Product Support Manager, Crossref, who says of the speakers, “They’re all experts on different aspects of the metadata chain and will give us an inside look at how they manage [it].”

If you’re still on the fence about attending next week’s webinar check out our interview with Feeney for more information:

Who is the intended audience for this webinar and why should they attend?
The intended audience is publishing staff who deal with metadata and staff who’d like a more thorough understanding of publishing infrastructure.

Why do you think this topic is important and timely?
There’s increasingly a need to gather information about research outputs that go beyond a journal article – definitively tracking funding information, retractions and updates, or connecting data and supplemental materials that may not be captured by a publication. Metadata can do all of this but, it’s not always clear how all these bits of data fit together.

What can attendees expect from the webinar?
They can expect to learn a lot about the potential of metadata to make connections and what the pain points between those connections are. I’m hoping we’ll have some good questions for the Q&A sessions.

Is there a particular topic you’re looking forward to seeing discussed?
I’ve worked for publishing platforms, as a librarian, and for Crossref for many years so I’ve always been on the receiving end of publisher metadata.  I’m really interested in learning more about how metadata is gathered from authors and other sources, and what happens within the publishing environment. 

What do you hope attendees will take away from the webinar?
I’m hoping we’ll all have a more thorough understanding of how our underlying infrastructure works and maybe be inspired to take a look at their own metadata-related practices. 

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