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09.09.2015 | SSP News & Releases

Fall Seminar Preview – New Tools and Workflows for Manuscript Submission and Peer Review

A session titled “New Tools and Workflows for Manuscript Submission and Peer Review” will kick off the Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) 2015 Fall Seminars next week, beginning a day devoted to new tools and technology which are helping alter the scholarly publishing landscape. The SSP program will be held September 16-17 at the offices of the American Geophysical Union in Washington D.C.   Registration for the two-day event is still open, with options for bundled or individual sessions.

“New Tools and Workflows for Manuscript Submission and Peer Review” will run from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. on September 16 and delve into new technologies, expanding requirements, and evolving business models emerging in scholarly publishing.

The session will be moderated by Barbara Meyers Ford, Meyers Consulting Services, who will help a robust group of panelists navigate the discussion. Panelists include Kerry Kroffe, Senior Editorial Manager at PLOS, Mary Anne Baynes, Chief Marketing Officer at Overleaf and co-chair of the SSP Education Committee, Jennifer Fleet, Director of Strategic Client Solutions at Aries Systems, and

Eric Hall, Product Director, PRE (Peer Review Evaluation) at AAAS.

The seminar session will tackle the continuous forward push of technology as scholarly publishing finds its Authors looking for new ways to collaborate on their work and take greater control over the publishing process. Publishers must develop and maintain the flow of quality papers, while responding to financial and competitive pressures in the current market. The panelists will discuss new tools, workflows and integrations developed to address the changing needs of STM authors, who are putting an increased emphasis on who sees their work, how quickly their manuscripts move through the peer-review process, the quality of that process, and ultimately where they make it to publication.

We spoke with Jennifer Fleet, who help organize this session and will be serving as a member of the panel, in order to find out what attendees should expect from the seminar.

How and why was your seminar’s topic chosen?

This was a session at the recent SSP annual meeting. It was well attended and received excellent feedback. The Education Committee felt that the topic warranted expansion into a fall seminar to allow a deep dive into some of the new tools and workflows in our current publishing landscape.

What can attendees expect from this seminar session?

We will walk through new tools in publishing from the authoring of manuscripts through publications. Attendees should expect interesting presentations and an energetic Q&A session to follow.

Tell us a little about this group of speakers. How were they selected?

It’s a dynamic panel of speakers from a range of organizations and perspectives. Our speakers cover innovative tools from author collaboration tools to peer review evaluation. We will speak to the integration into an online peer review system and innovative publishing workflows.

Sign up today for “New Tools and Workflows for Manuscript Submission and Peer Review” and the other SSP Fall 2015 Seminars.

By Michael Di Natale, Communications Committee

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