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NFAIS Virtual Workshop: Unlocking Scholarly Research

September 27, 2017
10:00 am – 2:30 pm (EDT)

Unlocking Scholarly Research: Thinking Anew about the Concept of “Open”.

Access to research is evolving toward a more open, collaborative experience. Both content providers and innovative solution developers are rising to the call from researchers who are driving this shift.

Roger Schonfeld (Ithaka S+R) will lean an exceptional group of presenters who will share their visions of what access might look like—what potential challenges will be faced—what barriers need to be broken—and what opportunities are open among and within the scholarly publishing industry and the researchers it serves.

Along with Roger, you’ll hear from:

Kent Anderson (RedLink)
Sam Burrell (Simon Inger Consulting)
Catherine Mitchell (California Digital Library) Marianne Calihanna (Cenveo Publisher services) Alex Hodgson (ReadCube)

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