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Transforming Research

September 26-27, 2019
Washington, DC

Transforming Research welcomes participation from stakeholders across the research ecosystem and contributions from a diverse, international audience. The meeting format encourages broad discussion among all attendees who share perspectives from government and private funding organizations, research institutes, and academic, non-profit, and commercial organizations. Attendees share practices, policies, and methods that can shape research policy, evaluation, impact, and potential for success—at their own institution and more widely.

Themes for the 2019 meeting are:

  • Data governance and open data: Policy for data-driven economies and ecosystems
  • Macro scale research transformation: How governments and funders effect change
  • Entrepreneurialism, collaborations and economic impact: How do government, academic institutions and corporations measure, reward and encourage collaboration to catalyze innovation and impact
  • Managing the cycle of research planning, portfolio management, and evaluation: How are research sponsors from diverse organizations integrating and coordinating a lifecycle approach
  • Science analytics for portfolio management and opportunity targeting: How are metrics used for research opportunity identification, portfolio analysis and evaluation

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