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07.18.2022 | SSP News & Releases

Innovation Showcase Highlights New and Exciting Industry Innovations

Join us this Thursday for Speakers will present solutions or technology in under ten minutes, providing a unique opportunity to get a glimpse of the latest developments in the industry!


Using AI to Solve the Challenges of Content Tagging

Gerasimos Razis, Senior Product Manager at Atypon, will share how Atypon is using AI to automate classification processes that can ultimately aid information discovery, improve end user experiences, and increase revenue for publishers.


How Straive Data Platform Enables your Publishing Strategy

New content formats, business models, and choices for consumers means that every publisher needs to look at their data critically to enable better decisions. Straive Data Platform (SDP) is powered to create an overall data strategy and enable data governance and enrichment across both internal and public data.


The Power of Integration

In a world that grows more complex each day, integrating technology leads to efficiency (and cost-saving), and when that integrated technology leads to greater interconnection between early and late-stage research, we end up with a better understanding of scientific knowledge and clearer recognition for researchers’ impact.


Instant Course: Bringing Agile to Course Development

Courseware creation is expensive, and often cost prohibitive for low enrollment courses. Many times, eBooks are used instead, which is far from optimal. We’ll demonstrate how recent innovations remove cost barriers, better serving students and generating new revenue streams for publishers.



Research dissemination has been too complicated for too long. Researcher-app.com simplifies discovery and promotes discussion. We have built a suite of innovative tools that help Academics, Publishers, Societies & Life Science companies to connect and communicate directly with their peers and niche audiences from around the globe.


Turning Publishers into Data-Centric Organizations

For most scholarly publishers, data is the missing step in the true digital transformation of publishing. In particular, publishers need to understand data at the intersection of people and content. Hum provides the technology and insights to turn publishers into true data-centric organizations.



Making data open is not sufficient to make it reusable. The development of the FAIR principles in 2014 has helped unite global initiatives with a broad, common goal to make open data “Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable” according to community standards. Figshare is addressing the publishing of high quality data and help make research published on Figshare more FAIR.


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