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07.14.2021 | SSP News & Releases

July Issue of Learned Publishing is Now Available

Learned Publishing: Volume 34, No 3, July 2021


Among the 20 articles in the latest issue of Learning Publishing, four Editor’s Choice articles stand out as particularly timely and relevant:

1. Politics matters: The power dynamics behind Chinese English-language humanities and social science journals – a study which demonstrates “that the power dynamics and social contexts in which Chinese English-language journals operate shape China’s knowledge production and dissemination.”

2. Investigating gender differences in journal selection decisions: A survey of academic researchers – finds female authors select journals based on authority, reputation, and benefits to career progression, where male authors favor “familiarity, experience, and speed.”

3. Standardizing terminology for text recycling in research writing – a new taxonomy to help both readers and editors make sense of articles in STM fields that expect a degree of repetition of material published in prior research.

4. Fear of the academic fake? Journal editorials and the amplification of the ‘predatory publishing’ discourse – an analysis of emotional, metaphorical, and figurative language used in opinion pieces published in STM journals addressing predatory journals.

Other key topics covered in this issue include:

Academic perspectives

  • Perspectives on institutional valuing and support for academic and translational outputs in Japan and Australia
  • Author Preprint Behaviour and Non-Compliance with Journal Preprint Policies: One Biomedical Journal’s Experience

Publishing metrics

  • Evaluating the correlation between different impact indicators for Library and Information Science Journals: comparing the Journal Citation Reports and Scopus
  • Visegrád countries’ scientific productivity in the European context: a 10-year perspective of Web of Science and Scopus
  • Research on Industry 4.0 and its key technologies in Vietnam: A Bibliometric Analysis of Publications by Vietnamese Affiliations using Scopus database
  • Did anthropause generate a research pause during the pandemic? Facts of a non-medical scientific journal

Editorial standards

  • Ethical review and informed consent guidelines of high impact anthropology, business, and education research journals
  • Improving peer-review by developing reviewers’ feedback literacy

Predatory publishing

  • Beall’s legacy in the battle against predatory publishers  
  • Knowledge Production on Predatory Publishing: A Systematic Review

Publishing and COVID

  • Publishing trends of one institution’s COVID-19 research outputs
  • Evolution pattern of scientific collaboration on COVID-19: A bibliometric analysis
  • COVID-19 rapid review cross-publisher initiative: what we’ve learned and what we’re going to do next.

Industry updates

  • scite: The Next Generation of Citations
  • Opportunities for open access: Insights from the Wiley Practitioner Survey
  • Research4Life: Landscape and Situation Analysis – Review

Happy reading!

Lettie Y. Conrad
North American Editor
Learned Publishing



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