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04.23.2018 | SSP News & Releases

Learned Publishing call for submissions: January 2019: Question everything – the future of scholarly publishing

For scholarly and professional publishing, there are certain “truths” we hold as self-evident – but global cultural & technological forces in today’s information economy are bringing us to question the status quo.

The special January 2019 issue of Learned Publishing will ask the hard questions and we invite your contributions: Are we operating under assumptions that are evidence-based and born out in the research literature? Or have we accepted age-old maxims without putting them to the test? What do claims of “academic freedom” mean today? How exactly is the culture of “publish or perish” influencing scholarship?

As Learned Publishing turns 30, join us as we look into the future of publishing through the window of evidence rather than tradition and assumption. Join us!

Contact North American Editor, Lettie Conrad, for more information, or submit your article directly to the journal: https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/leap.

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