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08.20.2019 | Member News & Releases

LibLynx & PSI partner on real-time Open Access Usage Reporting

August 20, 2019 – Alexandria, VA – LibLynx and PSI partner to deliver real-time usage metrics to organizations wanting to learn who is accessing their Open Access (OA) content.

As the volume of OA content increases, it’s becoming increasingly crucial for OA publishers to know who is reading their content and where that readership is based, especially when developing new transformative deals and providing metrics to funders.  Traditional methods of usage reporting that rely on authenticating user access do not apply to OA content.

The new OA Usage Reporting solution works by capturing and analyzing raw usage data from a publisher’s platform.  The organizational source of usage is identified by matching incoming IP addresses against PSI’s theIPregistry.org to provide organizational detail of users and geographical data for all remote use.  The analysis can also identify malicious access, such as Sci-Hub downloads, by matching data to PSI’s IP-intrusion.org database.

OA usage reports will be available by title, source organization, organization type, and geographical location.  Reports can be viewed online or downloaded from any existing website by embedding the LibLynx reporting widget.  Alternatively, reports can be delivered as a data feed for ingestion into a third-party analytics tool.  Libraries and other information and knowledge managers will be able to access organizational usage data directly from their profile on theIPregistry.org.

Andrew Pitts of PSI said, “Working closely with publishers, membership societies and libraries for many years has enabled PSI to create a powerful database that can be leveraged to provide publishers, libraries, and authors with valuable data to nurture a deeper understanding of organizational readership.”

“Traditional usage reporting tools are slow, inflexible, and expensive to implement and maintain,” said Tim Lloyd, CEO of LibLynx.  “Our lightweight solution is much simpler to implement and delivers near-real-time analytics that publishers can flexibly integrate with their existing workflows.”

Publishers interested in learning more should contact either party for more information.

LibLynx: +1 202-888-3324, info@liblynx.com
PSI: +44 1865 849514, info@PSIregistry.org

About LibLynxLibLynx provides flexible Identity, Access Management, and Analytics solutions to online resource providers and libraries.  We make identity & access as simple as possible and as secure as necessary and deliver insightful analytics that are on-demand and in real-time.  We mitigate the risks of fraud and managing personal data.  Our cloud native applications are technology and platform-independent, with an architecture designed to simplify integration and facilitate customization.

About PSI – PSI is the developer of both theIPregistry.org and IP-intrusion.org. PSI is an independent company. Through our work to enable publishers, membership societies, and libraries to work together securely and confidentially towards common goals, PSI has found itself in a unique position to encourage collaboration, communication, and innovation across the academic research community.

About the IP RegistryTheIPregistry.org is a single repository of the verified IP addresses for over 60,000 content licensing organizations worldwide. TheIPregistry.org is accessible to both libraries and publishers and is the only registry that checks and verifies IP addresses to eliminate the errors that commonly occur. IP-intrusion.org is a community liaison hub where publishers and libraries can exchange information and warn each other about threats.

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