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05.05.2020 | SSP News & Releases

Looking Ahead to January 2021: Research Data and Data Publishing

While planning ahead feels like an uphill climb during a global pandemic, the Learned Publishing team is gearing up for a special themed issue on research data and data publishing, slated for January 2021. A variety of factors (technological, economic, etc.) have made dissemination of research data, and surrounding issues of ethics, governance, and software compatibility, an increased area of focus for our community. There is a great deal of variability in original research data assets, from methods to formats, across fields of study, and cross-disciplinary norms are still in heavy development.

Within this framework, authors will be asked to reflect on the topics such as:

  • Funder expectations for research data publishing – by discipline, region, etc.
  • Types of research data – qual, quant, mixed, formats, applications, workflows
  • Case studies in data publishing – author incentives/willingness, hosting/presentation, etc.
  • Case studies in research data management (RDM) policies at institutional / library level
  • Review of ethics, stewardship, ownership, copyright, and other policy issues across publications, regions, etc.
  • Researcher use cases – mining, searching, and leveraging published research data, TDM, AI, etc.
  • Standards review, what existing info standards are relevant for research data publishing

Joining us as guest editor will be Phill Jones, Owner & Principle, Double L Digital. If you have any suggestions for articles, please email Lettie Conrad, Learned Publishing North American Editor.

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