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07.24.2020 | SSP News & Releases

New Releases and Exclusive Live Speaker Q&A from SSP OnDemand!

Our 2020 Professional Development Series is in full swing! So much more than a webinar, next week’s releases all feature live chats which give audience members an opportunity to interact with presenters and others interested in the topic. Register for your favorite session and receive exclusive access to attend that session’s Q&A. Mark your calendar and learn more about each session below!

Tuesday, July 28

“Publishing for Everyone: Increasing Accessibility and Disability Inclusion in the Scholarly Communications Industry”

Lettie Conrad, Simon Holt, Bill Kasdorf, Stephanie Rosen, Heather Staines

“Publishing for Everyone” offers practical tips and advice on how to make both publisher content AND the workplace itself more accessible to all users and employees, including perspectives from professionals with disabilities as well as from professionals working to make content and workplaces more accessible. Come prepared with your questions about the latest technological innovations making publisher products and content more accessible.

Wednesday, July 29

“Solving Problems with and for the Problem Solvers: Valuing Disability in the Publishing Industry”

Parinay Malik, Bruce Rosenblum, Catherine Harding-Wiltshire, Simon Holt, Sylvia Izzo Hunter, Alice Meadows, Lori Samuels

“Solving Problems with and for the Problem Solvers” makes a case for more inclusive organizations through compelling personal stories of panelists’ experience with disability. Session highlights include organizations can do to develop more inclusive workplaces and the concrete benefits of inclusive design for everyone, not just those with disabilities.

Thursday, July 30

“What Do Researchers Really Want from Publishers?”

Alice Meadows, Phill Jones, Milka Kostic, Ana Heredia, Karin Wulf, Haseeb Irfanullah

Join current and former researchers to discuss “What Researchers Really Want from Publishers.” The session offers global and disciplinary perspectives on the goals and challenges researchers face in publishing and disseminating their work.

Session speakers will be present to chat with attendees and answer questions, so we hope you’ll join us for these live-screenings, Tuesday through Thursday, at 11:00 am EDT.

Don’t forget to check out the Professional Development series program for other presentations available from SSP. Package discounts are available and additional live screenings are planned so register for your favorites now! SSP members save even more with their member discounts!

As part of a generous in-kind sponsorship, Cadmore Media and 3Play Media have provided video hosting, transcription, and closed-captioning services.

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