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10.09.2017  |  SSP News & Releases

October Issue of Learned Publishing is Now Available!

The October issue of Learned Publishing is packed with fascinating, must-read articles!

If you are interested in open access, this new issue is for you. Our authors this month address piracy and its impacts on the success of open access publishing, challenging both green and gold OA models. In the first of two installments, interviews with senior publishers and editors produces original insights into how and why publishers launch OA mega-journals. And, looking at the broader context of Korean scholarly communications, another article shares the OA models in play in Korea.

For those interested in the scholar’s perspective, the CIBER team is back with new analysis of what early career researchers think of peer review. From Carol Tenopir’s research team, author needs in selecting a journal for publication are examined, alongside an exhaustive review of current web services and tools that might improve the journal-selection process. Another original study examines what criteria authors in medical vs. social scientific disciplines use to select journals in an OA environment. And the editorial column this month by our Editor-in-Chief, Pippa Smart, reflects on balancing author and reader needs as we navigate new challenges and opportunities to evolve scholarly publishing.

Our new issue is rounded out with perspectives of the academic book supply chain and discussion about why it has become so complicated. Last, but certainly not least, we feature an overview of the ALPSP publisher awards presented last month at the Annual Meeting.

Lettie Conrad
North American Editor
Learned Publishing


NOTE: All articles are free to SSP members and journal subscribers; those editorials, reviews and articles using the ‘ALPSP Author Choice’ OA option, are now free to all. Also, be sure to sign up to receive an email alert or RSS feed every time a new issue goes online.

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Learned Publishing Vol. 30 / No. 4, October 2017 

Readers – what readers?
by Pippa Smart (pages 255–257)

Research Articles
Scholarly communication and open access: Perspectives from Korea
by Kyoung Hee Joung and Jennifer Rowley (pages 259–267)

Peer review: The experience and views of early career researchers
by Blanca Rodríguez-Bravo, David Nicholas, Eti Herman, Chérifa Boukacem-Zeghmouri, Anthony Watkinson, Jie Xu, Abdullah Abrizah and Marzena Świgoń (pages 269–277)

ALPSP Awards 2017 (pages 278–279)

New web services that help authors choose journals
by Amy Forrester, Bo-Christer Björk and Carol Tenopir (pages 281–287)

Journal selection criteria in an open access environment: A comparison between the medicine and social sciences
by Manjula Wijewickrema and Vivien Petras (pages 289–300) 

Open access megajournals: The publisher perspective (Part 1: Motivations)
by Simon Wakeling, Valérie Spezi, Jenny Fry, Claire Creaser, Stephen Pinfield and Peter Willett (pages 301–311) 

Open access megajournals: The publisher perspective (Part 2: Operational realities)
by Simon Wakeling, Valérie Spezi, Claire Creaser, Jenny Fry, Stephen Pinfield and Peter Willett (pages 313–322)

We’ve failed: Pirate black open access is trumping green and gold and we must change our approach
by Toby Green (pages 325–329)

The supply chain for academic books: Why is it so complex and how might we drive change?
by Michael Jubb and Richard Fisher (pages 331–335)


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