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08.10.2020 | SSP News & Releases

PD2020 Preview | From Partisan to Partnership

Don’t miss this Thursday’s live screening of “From Partisan to Partnership: Publishers and Libraries Collaborating on Transformative Agreements and New OA Business Models.” So much more than a webinar, this week’s live chat gives audience members an opportunity to interact with presenters and others interested in transformative agreements and new OA business models. Register now and receive exclusive access to join the speaker chat.


As the COVID-19 pandemic brings new pressures to bear on scholarly communications, the drive toward Open Access continues, as does the demand for alternatives to the traditional subscription model. Regardless of what the future may hold, librarians must show value for their purchases, and publishers must find ways to serve authors and readers in ways that are financially sustainable. This week, a unique session on transformative agreements reveals some new ways in which librarians and publishers are collaborating creatively to offer value to readers. 

Embarking on such a transition can be extremely daunting for publishers, considering their rightful concern over long-term economic sustainability. Other issues have also become apparent. Many publishers and libraries lack the business knowledge to match author affiliations with subscription revenues/costs. Large publishers may be ready for a cost-neutral transformative agreement based on per-article charges, but an APC-based model may not work for other publishers/disciplines/institutions. Past attrition rates and subscription price increases have made both publishers and libraries wary. And the historic transactional relationship between publishers and libraries has given little opportunity to develop trust. Yet in recent months, a growing number of publishers have chosen the path of absolute customer engagement and transparency in order to define the terms of a new economic model or transformative agreement. 

Colleen Campbell of OA2020 introduces panelists  Ivy Anderson, Vivian Berghahn, Curtis Brundy, Colleen Campbell, Scott Delman, Ellen Finnie, and Sara Rouhi who represent organizations at the cutting edge of crafting new agreements. The session takes on a unique format: each of three short presentations features a librarian and a publisher representative outlining how they worked together to develop a transformative agreement benefiting both parties. In the course of the session, the speakers offer practical tips on how to negotiate and make the successful transition from partisanship to partnership. Anyone interested in new business models in publishing should attend!

Session speakers will be present to chat with attendees and answer questions, so we hope you’ll join us for this live screening, Thursday, at 11:00 am EDT.

Don’t forget to check out the Professional Development series program for other presentations available from SSP. Package discounts are available and additional live screenings are planned so register for your favorites now! SSP members save even more with their member discounts!

As part of a generous in-kind sponsorship, Cadmore Media and 3Play Media have provided video hosting, transcription, and closed-captioning services.

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