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01.20.2021 | SSP News & Releases

PD2020 Review | Research Perspectives

Our debut series on the SSP OnDemand Library, the 2020 Professional Development Series, offers presentations on current trends and issues in scholarly communications—from the impact of COVID-19 to diversity, equity, and inclusion in publishing–available at your convenience. Free materials and paid sessions can be accessed individually or as part of a group; all recordings may be accessed as your schedule allows. Videos are offered on the following topics: Business Models and Strategies, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, Editorial Innovations, Ethics and Standards, Global Trends, Research Perspectives. Featuring panels of leaders in their respective fields, this series is a must for anyone wishing to keep abreast of the industry’s latest developments.

Considering Research Perspectives in the SSP OnDemand Library

Researchers and their work are the underpinnings of scholarly publishing, but they are not always at the forefront of conversation in the scholarly publishing space. Two sessions available in the SSP OnDemand Library offer some focus and provide a window into the research perspective, giving viewers the opportunity to learn about new technologies that enhance research output and to hear directly from researchers. In What do researchers really want from publishers? a panel of researchers who also have publishing experience provide thought-provoking insights addressing the gap between what researchers want from publishers and what publishers think researchers want from them. Expanding the Research Lifecycle highlights three organizations that support early-stage research, preprint sharing, and post-publication connection in innovative ways.

What do researchers really want from publishers?

 Building off of a keynote presentation given in 2019 by Milka Kostic– a former scientist, turned publisher, turned research program director—and the subsequent Scholarly Kitchen interview of Kostic by NISO’s Alice Meadows, “What do researchers really want from publishers?” offers insightful perspectives from five researchers who also have publishing experience. Moderator Meadows poses three questions to five researchers, including Kostic. These past and current researchers discuss why they chose to enter the publishing world, what–as a researcher–they would most like their publisher to know and what–as a publisher–they would most like their researchers to know, and one thing that they would like their publisher or researcher to do differently.

 Expanding the research lifecycle

The overarching topic of the “Expanding the research lifecycle” is the research workflow. Moderated by Will Schweitzer of Silverchair, this session includes presentations, followed by Q&A, on three services that have emerged to address researchers’ needs related to the expanded research lifecycle and address how they lead to better support for authors and increased engagement from end-users. Registrants will learn about Morressier, a virtual conference solution focused on early-stage research, such as posters and conference presentations, and how their work became even more important when the world went remote this year; an initiative called Review, launched by Research Square, designed to bring preprint and other author-friendly features into an existing publishing platform, and Scite.AI a deep learning platform that allows anyone to see how–and not just how often–a scientific paper has been cited. The presenters also discuss how they measure success and the steps they are taking to ensure the future sustainability of their innovative services.

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News contribution by SSP member, Stephanie Orphan. Stephanie is the Director of Publisher Relations for Portico.

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