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10.07.2020 | Member News & Releases

Research Square Launches Beta Testing of Ripeta’s Open Science Assessment Tool

First 200 authors who opt-in can use this manuscript improvement tool at no cost

October 7, 2020 – Durham, NC – Research Square has launched a beta trial of its new automated Open Science Assessment tool, which can help authors enhance the quality of their research and the robustness of their scientific reporting.

This opt-in tool, powered by Ripeta and currently in the beta testing phase, is available at no cost for authors who upload their preprints to the Research Square platform.

“We are proud to partner with Ripeta as we grow our portfolio of AI-based editorial review services,” said Rachel Burley, President of Research Square Company. “It’s an excellent example of how we are partnering to offer researchers a suite of tools that enable their publication success.”

Ripeta’s natural language processing technology targets several critical elements of a scientific manuscript, including purpose, data and code availability statements, funding statements, and more to gauge the level of responsible reporting in authors’ scientific papers and suggest improvements.

Dr. Leslie McIntosh, founder and CEO of Ripeta, says she is delighted to work with a preprint service. 

“Most of our work has been retroactive,” says McIntosh, “essentially showing publishers or funders how they did in the past few months on reproducibility. Now we have a chance to intervene before a manuscript goes to publication.”

About Research Square Research Square, a division of Research Square Company, exists to make research communication faster, fairer, and more useful. Our industry-leading preprint platform, launched in 2018, is a  large, author-centric preprint server that brings transparency to the peer review process. Through our journal-integrated In Review service, innovative author dashboard, manuscript assessments, and research promotion services, we enable researchers to establish the primacy of their work, share it with the broader community, and receive useful feedback much earlier in the publication process. By improving the way science is shared, we accelerate the pace of global discovery and advancement. For more information on our platform and research promotion services, visit researchsquare.com.

About Ripeta Ripeta, a Digital Science company, aims to make better science easier by identifying and highlighting the important parts of research that should be transparently presented in a manuscript and other materials. Their automated reproducibility assessment tool detects and predicts the reproducibility of scientific research, improving evidence-based science and fiscal efficiency of research investments. Effectively a ‘credit report’ for scientific publications, the tool rapidly screens and assesses manuscripts for the proper reporting of scientific method components. Ripeta focuses on assessing the quality of the reporting and robustness of the scientific method. For more information, contact us info@ripeta.com or visit ripeta.com.

Contact Phillip Bogdan, Communications Manager, Research Square Company | phillip.bogdan@researchsquare.com 

Contact Leslie McIntosh, PhD., Co-Founder and CEO, Ripeta | leslie@ripeta.com

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