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08.13.2019 | SSP News & Releases

SSP 41st Annual Meeting Sessions Available for Streaming

August 13, 2019 – Mount Laurel, NJ – At our 41st Annual Meeting in May, a vibrant community of librarians, academics, publishers, service providers, technologists, and scholarly publishing professionals from across the globe gathered to discuss the efforts to shrink the distance among colleagues in publishing – not just geographically but those with new perspectives that help us move together toward a new age of scholarly communication.

If you weren’t able to attend or couldn’t make it to all the sessions you wanted; don’t worry! Many of the sessions including keynotes, plenaries, and concurrent sessions are now available in the SSP Library. The SSP Library is open to the public, so feel free to share your favorite session with your colleagues, customers, and anyone interested in scholarly communication.

Featured Sessions include:

All session content can be accessed by visiting the SSP Library located in our Resources section. You can also search for a specific session by name or speaker.

Cadmore Media in partnership with 3Play Media have generously provided video hosting, transcription and closed-captioning services as part of an in-kind sponsorship. Through this sponsorship, recordings from the Annual Meeting now include full transcriptions that are searchable and closed captioned. Additionally, the videos are tagged with applicable metadata —for easier discovery, segmented, and viewers can conveniently clip and share segments.

We are highlighting various sessions throughout the fall on social media, so look for #FeaturedSession on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

For more information, contact:
Jacklyn Lord, Marketing and Operations Manager
info@sspnet.org | 856 439 1385

About Cadmore MediaCadmore Media provides an expert environment for organizations to publish scholarly, professional and technical information through streaming video and audio. Societies, associations, IGOs/NGOs and publishers use our platform and services to enrich their media content, provide an enhanced playback experience to their target audiences, and efficiently deliver materials to the right discovery channels.

About 3Play Media, Inc. –  3Play Media provides closed captioning, transcription, and audio description to more than 2,500 customers in higher education, enterprise, entertainment, and government. 3Play Media simplifies the process of making videos accessible through flexible APIs, integrations with video players and platforms, simple plugins, and a user-friendly online account system.

About the Society for Scholarly Publishing – SSP, founded in 1978, is a nonprofit organization formed to promote and advance communication among all sectors of the scholarly publication community through networking, information dissemination, and facilitation of new developments in the field. SSP members represent all aspects of scholarly publishing—including publishers, printers, e-products developers, technical service providers, librarians, and editors. SSP members come from a wide range of large and small commercial and nonprofit organizations. They meet at SSP’s annual meetings, educational seminars, and regional events to hear the latest trends from respected colleagues and to discuss common and mutual (and sometimes divergent) goals and viewpoints.


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