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11.05.2018 | Member News & Releases

Stata & Code Ocean partner to improve reproducibility of research

November 5, 2018 – Code Ocean has partnered with Stata, a statistical analysis software, so that millions of researchers worldwide can publish their Stata code and datasets freely on Code Ocean, making it available to the wider research community.  Code Ocean is a cloud-based computational reproducibility platform. Researchers and developers use Code Ocean to create, share, run, and publish scientific code with data sets – all delivered as an executable ‘capsule’. Code Ocean also supports several other languages.

Code Ocean solves the problem researchers face when trying to reproduce, validate, or analyze published findings. The executable code can be tested with the dataset from the research – and other data sets with the same computational methods directly from a PC, without having to install software or verify licensing.  Too often, lack of documentation and dependencies within the computational environment prevent researchers from evaluating the findings during the peer review process or when trying to apply published research to progress their own work. Code Ocean’s partnership with Stata makes code and data more accessible, so it is faster and easier to validate and extend findings from research.

In October, 2018, Code Ocean was recognized in the research publishing community with the ALPSP Award for Innovation in Publishing for its pioneering work with world-leading publishers to embed researchers’ working code within published research articles while ensuring researchers retain copyright.  Publishers including IEEE, Nature Research, and Taylor & Francis allow researchers to share and cite executable code within the research articles they publish while easing the burden on both peer reviewers evaluating computational methods and authors seeking publication.

Full release: http://bit.ly/COStata

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