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03.13.2020 | SSP News & Releases

Webinar Preview | Getting Users to the Content

Our March webinar,  “Getting Users to the Content,” on Tuesday, March 17, at 11 am EDT, explores new services and tools designed to help audiences find the material they are seeking out with ease and efficiency. Registration for the webinar remains open and discounted registration is available.


People across the globe are concerned more than ever about the accessibility of scholarly information. With that in mind, moderator Tom Beyer, Director of Platform Services, Sheridan PubFactory, shares why he is excited for this upcoming event:

“It seems that we may be at an inflection point with respect to the primary pathways to access and discover scholarly content. RA21: Resource Access for the 21st Century has been in discussion for a while now, and with the Fall announcement regarding GetFTR and Seamless Access, [streamlined scholarly content] is finally becoming a reality. In addition, there have been some interesting new announcements for content discovery that have the potential to fundamentally change how users get to content.

This webinar brings folks involved in three different aspects of these new announcements to discuss how they see discovery evolving, and the particular challenges they are trying to solve. This seems especially pertinent in this particular moment, when many, if not most of us, will be forced to access this content from our homes instead of our offices and institutions.”

Speakers Laird Barrett (Digital Product Manager, Springer Nature), Irena Radovanovic (Senior Product Manager, Content Enablement, Meta), and Sean Rife (Director of Research, scite.ai) will explore these services and initiatives, then discuss their implications for publishers, libraries, and end-users.

Click here to register now!

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