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02.08.2021 | SSP News & Releases

Webinar Preview | Small, But Mighty: The Role of Societies and Smaller Presses in the Scholarly Publishing Environment

Our 2021 webinar series kicks off with “Small, But Mighty: The Role of Societies and Smaller Presses in the Scholarly Publishing Environment,” happening February 18, 2021, from 11:00 am ET. Registration for the event remains open with bulk and member discounts available.

Scholarly publishing, like all other media, is dominated by a group of major players (many of which became major by purchasing smaller companies). This webinar will explore how smaller presses and self-publishing professional societies compete for authors and audiences in this environment:

• What advantages do they have? What are their major struggles?

• How have technological changes and the shift to new publishing models, including open access models and transformative agreements, affected their business?

• How do they evaluate when they should partner with other companies, and when they should go it alone?

• Has social media helped smaller publishers to level the playing field? 

These and other questions will be addressed by a panel of representatives from medical, technical, and humanities publishers.

David Myers, Senior Publisher, Wolters Kluwer, will moderate the event, and is joined on the panel by Christine Battle, Publisher/Vice President for Scientific Publications, American Association for Cancer Research; Kivmars H. Bowling, Publications Director, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics; and Mary Rose Muccie, Director, Temple University Press.

Mr. Myers took the time to answer questions about the event:

Who is the intended audience for this webinar and why should they attend?

Those interested in the workings of small publishing organizations.

Why is this topic important and timely?

Continuing changes to scholarly publishing environment, and current uncertainties, put additional stress on small publishing organizations. How are they coping?

Is there a particular topic you’re looking forward to seeing discussed?

The challenges and opportunities the panelists see.

What do the selected speakers bring to the discussion?

The panelists all bring many years of scholarly publishing experience, and have all worked for a variety of organizations. They currently represent the publishing divisions of a medical society and an applied mathematics society and a university press.

What can attendees expect from the webinar?

A lively discussion among the panelists about their views and experiences.

What do you hope attendees will take away from the webinar?

An appreciation for the role smaller organizations play in the scholarly publishing eco-system.

Click here to register now!

News contribution by SSP member, Heather Kotula. Heather is the Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Access Innovations, Inc.

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