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06.10.2021 | SSP News & Releases

Webinar Preview | The Article of the Future Revisited

Our 2021 webinar series continues with “The Article of the Future Revisited,” happening Tuesday, June 22, at 11 am EDT. Registration for the event remains open with a discount available for SSP members.

Webinar moderator Hannah Heckner, Product Strategist at Silverchair took the time to answer a few questions about the upcoming webinar:

How does this event or subject area relate to larger issues in scholarly publishing?

This webinar will be an engaging and multifaceted look at activities in scholarly publishing since the release of Cell Press’s “Article of the Future” format. The conversation will touch upon the evolution of scholarly content and its dissemination in the last 10 years and how it reflects the changing artifacts tied to research, as well as the audiences consuming it.

Who is the intended audience? Who should attend?

The content will be understandable by those across all levels of experience in the industry, but it may be particularly of interest to those in the areas of editorial, product management and development, and technology solutions.

What are the goals for this event? What can attendees expect in terms of format?

We expect this packed panel to touch on the projects that unite the speakers in creating the article of the future, but to focus on a lively discussion between all parties and the audience to speak about shared obstacles and opportunities as we look to the future.

What do the selected speakers bring to the discussion?

  • Shawnna Buttery from Cell Press, the Lead Editor of STAR Protocols, will ground our discussion by providing context on the launch of the Article of the Future effort and will also touch on how Elsevier has made any content approach changes since, informed by the vast amount of data at their disposal.
  • Terry Ehling, the Director of Strategic Initiatives at MIT Press, oversees the press’s R&D agenda and oversees the implementation of projects jointly incubated with the Knowledge Futures Group. She will discuss the Rapid Reviews: COVID-19 publication and how it incorporates new approaches to established processes to disseminate research on COVID-19 in new, rapid, and trustworthy ways.
  • Heather Norton Blackburn, the Director of Scholarly Journals at the American Diabetes Association, will discuss the Association’s Living Guidelines project, which chronicles the updates to the Association’s widely cited Guidelines in modern and immersive ways.
  • Michele Avissar-Whitting, the Editor-in-Chief at Research Square, will speak to her organization’s place in supporting preprints and expanding their reach and adoption across new disciplines.
  • Patti O. Davis, Senior Product Manager at EBSCO, and her team are collecting information on what researchers are seeking as part of their discovery and learning process, and they are using that information to inform new EBSCO programming and products.

What will attendees take away from this event? What is the value of attendance?

Attendees will learn about how publishers across different disciplines and business models are developing new content approaches that seek to increase reader engagement and better support and communicate the products of scholarly research.

Click here to register now!

News contribution by SSP member, Michael Casp. Michael is the Director of Business Development at J&J Editorial

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