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Additional FAQs

Q.     Will each group allow more than one participant from the same institution?

A.     It may be possible for multiple participants to come from the same institution; however, the final decision will ultimately reside with the facilitator who will be looking to ensure a balanced group dynamic for the best possible experience.

Q.     Will an individual be allowed to participate in more than one group?

A.     Yes, you can participate in more than one group. The facilitator, however, will have the ultimate decision on participant invitation. Consideration will be given to issues of institutional balance within the group and the number of total participants. Peer Network groups are meant to be small enough to engage dialog among participants. We also want to ensure that members who are interested in joining a group get accepted into at least one group.

Q.     While the group determines the frequency of the meetings, is there is minimum time commitment expected; will there be extra curriculum assignments?

A.     A typical group meets once a month for one hour for at least four months. However, each group will decide on the frequency of their meetings and the scope of their agenda. All groups will have the ability to engage in online discussion groups and web conferences for meetings which cannot be conducted face-to-face. A Peer Network group can decide to continue beyond the pilot period at their discretion assuming the pilot is successful and SSP continues the program.

Q.     Will participants receive continuing education credit?

A.     No formal accreditation will be obtained from participation in a Peer Network group. The Peer Networks are meant to foster collaboration, share knowledge and promote learning in the scholarly publishing community in an informal setting.

Q.     Can members of all career levels participate in the Peer Network groups?

A.     The current structure of the Peer Network Program welcomes all career levels within the scholarly communications community.

Q.     How will I know if I have been accepted into the Peer Network group of my choice?

A.     Each applicant will be personally contacted by a facilitator or task force member.

Q.     How do I make suggestions for future Peer Network topics?

A.     You can suggest topics for future groups using the online suggestion form.

Please email any additional questions to Melanie Dolechek.