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SSP Focus Group

(formerly the SSP Librarian Focus Group)

For 12 years, the SSP Librarian Focus Group has provided insight into the library and publishing communities through a highly interactive forum in which to identify, discuss, and debate the challenges of the information industry in the digital age.  However, the boundaries of (and players in) scholarly communication have expanded rapidly in that time to encompass a fuller range of stakeholders: publishers, librarians, researchers, funders, administrators, technologists, and policy makers. In response to these changes and the feedback we received from Librarian Focus Group attendees and panelists, we have expanded the scope of this event.  Starting in 2017, the newly named “SSP Focus Group” will allow a full range of “Focus” options, whether that focus is on a particular stakeholder group or on a particular topic with multiple stakeholder views.  We believe this change opens up new possibilities in discourse and invites a larger audience to the table.

What will not change is the interactive nature of this event: informal presentations and Q&A with panelists, audience discussions, roundtable/breakout sessions, and plenty of networking time over lunch.

Upcoming Focus Groups

Please check back for more information.

Recent Focus Groups

2017 SSP Focus Group – Washington, DC

2016 SSP Librarian Focus Group – Washington, DC

2015 SSP Librarian Focus Group – Chicago, IL

2015 SSP Librarian Focus Group – Washington, DC

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