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2006 SSP TMR

07: Global Exposure: …


Bob Stein
Bob Stein is Director of the Institute for the Future of the Book and founder of The Voyager Company. For 13 years he led the development of over 300 titles in The Criterion Collection, a series of definitive films on videodisc, and more than 75 CD ROM titles including the CD Companion to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, Who Built America, and the Voyager edition of Macbeth. Previous to Voyager, Stein worked with Alan Kay in the Research Group at Atari on a variety of electronic publishing projects. Eight years ago, Stein started ‘Night Kitchen’ to develop authoring tools for the next generation of electronic publishing. That work is now being continued at the Institute for the Future of the Book.
John Burns
John Burns recently joined Amazon.com to manage the Digital Text Conversion Group after two decades at Hewlett Packard where he was manager of Digital Content Remastering Group in HP Labs. He has a strong interest in all aspects of the efficient capture and conversion of paper based content into useful digital assets. His group was responsible for the conversion of the MIT Press collections and the Time Magazine collections for subsequent exploitation. He has long had a strong interest in ensuring that processes are designed so as to create flexible masters that can be used in the full range of fulfillment paths, including PoD, eBooks & online libraries.
Asako Omi
Asako Omi worked for NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation) for 17 years.
She has been involved in the development and operation of J-STAGE, an electronic journal platform developed by Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, since its planning stage in 1998. She has also been responsible for the development and operation of the JST Link Center, a metadata database for linking references and a gateway to A&I services. Now a consultant to academic societies in the area of electronic publishing and system analysis, she also serves on the Journal Selection Committee for Journal@rchive (a JST backfile archiving and preservation initiative) and the Advisory Committee for JST’s SciencePortal.
Dan Tonkery
Lee Pit Teong