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2011 SSP 33rd Annual Meeting, Westin Copley Place, Boston

Concurrent 1A: Best Practices for Getting E-Books Produced….

Concurrent 1A: Best Practices for Getting E-Books Produced, Hosted, and Discovered


Jennifer Kemp
Jennifer Kemp is eProduct Manager of eBooks at Springer in New York. Prior to joining Springer, she was a Publication Manager at Stanford University’s HighWire Press. Jennifer’s perspective on scholarly publishing is shaped by her career at IBM Research, where she spent several years as the Acquisitions and Electronic Resources Management Librarian.
Jake Furbush
Jake Furbush is Digital Publishing Manager for the MIT Press. Prior to joining the Press, Jake taught high school English for two years, after serving as a content specialist for Interdimensions, a software consultancy based in Boston and New York. Jake began his career in publishing at Harvard University Press, where he spent five years in the sales department. He has a Masters in Professional Writing and Publishing from Emerson College.
Marian Hollingsworth
Marian Hollingsworth is Director of Publisher Relations for Thomson Reuters. She oversees the acquisition of all scholarly content for selection and indexing in Web of Science, including a recent focus on e-books.

Prior to joining Thomson Reuters in 2000, Marian was Assistant Director at the National Federation of Advanced Information Services (NFAIS), a global membership organization for content and technology providers. Her career also includes over 20 years of management experience in academic, special and public libraries.

Marian holds a BS from Temple University and a MS from Drexel University’s iSchool-the College of Information Science and Technology. A Philadelphia native, she is frequently spotted reading with her iPad, Kindle, or Android phone.