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2011 SSP 33rd Annual Meeting, Westin Copley Place, Boston

Concurrent 4D: Lessons Learned and Lessons Learning

Concurrent 4D: Lessons Learned and Lessons Learning


Tracey Armstrong
Tracey Armstrong joined CCC in 1989 and today is President and CEO of the non-profit organization. Tracey has been a key driver in CCC’s emergence as the largest provider of text copyright licensing solutions used throughout the U.S. and around the world. Since she joined CCC, the company has grown from 40 employees and $10 million in revenues to more than 200 employees and $163 million in annual sales.

Previously, Tracey served as Chief Operating Officer, Executive Vice President and Vice President of Transactional Services, where she led the development of numerous innovative service offerings, including Rightsphere, CCC’s Web-base rights advisory and management solution. Her early work in operations resulted in the creation of many of the company’s critical internal systems. She holds an MBA from Northeastern University.

Todd Carpenter
Todd Carpenter is Executive Director of the National Information Standards Organization (NISO), a non-profit industry trade association that fosters the development and maintenance of standards that facilitate the creation, persistent management, and effective interchange of information used in publishing, research, and learning. Throughout his career, Todd has served in a variety of roles with organizations that connected the publisher and library communities. Prior to joining NISO, Todd had been Director of Business Development with BioOne. He has also held management positions at The Johns Hopkins University Press, the Energy Intelligence Group, and The Haworth Press. Todd also currently serves SSP as its Secretary/Treasurer.
Helen Henderson
Helen Henderson has worked as a librarian, software developer, publisher and subscription agent. She is currently creating market intelligence tools for publishers and the Identify database of institutions that access academic content.
David Smith
David traded life as a scientist for a life in publishing some 12 years ago. His formative experiences were at Current Science Group (In-House Editor) and then BioMed Central (Web Manager). He joined CABI in 2001 (first as a Publishing Editor and then Managing Editor). He is now Head of Innovation for the Plantwise initiative that CABI is spearheading http://www.cabi.org/?site=170&page=2912