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Spotlight on Generations Fund Supporter: Silverchair

Silverchair is an independent platform partner for scholarly and professional publishers, building and hosting online products and digital libraries to support the research community. Silverchair hosts content for more than 400 societies, university presses, publishers, and other organizations. They are also a generous repeat supporter of the Generations Fund. We sat down to speak with them about why it is so important for them to be involved with SSP and the Generations Fund.

How did your organization first become involved with SSP?

We’ve been members of SSP long enough that no one now remembers when it first began! At this point our involvement feels like a part of who we are—we’ve been board members, committee members, panelists, contributors, and more. We’ve also participated in the SSP Mentorship Program, both as mentors and as mentees, which makes the Generations Fund all the closer to home for us.

Why do you feel it’s important for your organization to be involved with SSP?

Silverchair is more than just a technology vendor for our clients – we’re a strategic partner. And so it’s important that we stay up to date on the initiatives, opportunities, and challenges in the industry. SSP is the key venue for these conversations, both at events, through publications, and through the community of individuals, they foster.

Why did you decide to be a founding supporter of SSP’s Generations Fund?

Over the years, many, many Silverchair employees have benefitted from the educational and engagement opportunities that SSP provides, so we’re happy to give back to support the next generation of scholarly publishing professionals. And Silverchair’s mission is “to empower the creators and users of scholarly and professional knowledge to maximize their positive impact on humanity.” This clearly aligns with SSP’s mission and with the goals of the Generations Fund, making it an obvious partnership.

Finally, the sustainable design of the Generations Fund through endowed funds makes this not only a charitable cause that we’re glad to support but an investment in the future of our industry. 

Why do you feel it is important to support the next generation through SSP’s Fellowship, Mentoring and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs? 

One positive thing that has come from the past year is that the rise of virtual events has made it easier for early career professionals to attend when they typically might not have received organizational funding for travel for professional development and educational opportunities. As we gradually shift back to in-person events, the Generations Fund will help overcome financial barriers to these opportunities. Further, the past year has driven home the need for active, ongoing, and sustained participation in DEI efforts, so funding those programs is important to us not only as an organization but as individuals engaged in this work. 

What would you tell another organization that was thinking about making a gift to the Generations Fund? 

The pandemic has made us all grateful for the communities we are a part of that have supported us through these difficult times. If your organization has, like Silverchair, benefitted from SSP’s community, events, and resources, consider supporting this campaign as a way to repay that support and to ensure a strong, vibrant publishing community for years to come. 

Thank you for your support, and for letting us highlight why you chose to give.

Convening and fostering communities has long been Silverchair’s priority, through our client community events, our Universe partner program, and our industry events. The programs supported by the Generations Fund expand, support, and solidify our industry communities, and we’re proud to be a supporter. 

Join Silverchair by contacting SSP’s Director of Philanthropy, Natalie Zundel, at