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Digital Equality: The Importance of Accessibility in Your Publishing Strategy

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Compelled by clear ethical reasons and compliance requirements, most publishers are working to make content fully accessible. Creating content that is “born accessible” also opens up new opportunities for publishers to expand the reach of content and connect with new audiences and markets. The same technologies and guidelines that improve access to materials for people with visual, hearing, mobility, perceptual and cognitive limitations, or who face other barriers to reading printed materials, can also be tremendously useful to all customers.

In this session, we’ll discuss how verified accessible content drives positive social change through technology AND makes good business sense. You’ll learn:

  • How properly structured and tagged content improves discoverability and is the foundation for accessibility
  • What Section 508 and WCAG compliance means for publishers and their digital content
  • Practical tips to build accessibility into publishing workflows
  • How well structured content and metadata improves rendering for multiple formats and platforms, including HTML5 and EPUB3

Atul Goel, President, Cenveo Publisher Services, @CenveoPublisher
Pamela Starr, Ph.D, Director, Student Ability Success Center, San Diego State University, @SDSU
Caroline Desrosiers, CEO + Co-Founder, textBOX, @textboxdigital
Mike Groth, Director of Marketing, Cenveo Publisher Services, @mikegroth72

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