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Listen to Your Readers! The Value of Customer Feedback

Concurrent 4C: Listen to Your Readers! The Value of Customer Feedback

This session will provide a much-needed refresher course on the solicitation and practical application of customer feedback. Bringing together a leading research consultancy, website builder and publishers who have put end-user market research to good use, this panel will reintroduce proven methods and best practices for understanding your audience. Panelists will share real experiences and case studies dealing with online surveys, in-person interviews, focus groups, usability studies and website analytics to better connect with the very people who depend on, yet are frequently frustrated with, your content. Participants can expect to learn the best ways to discover: What are end users looking for? How can I test new concepts or identify gaps in my target markets? What is holding readers back? How does the user experience of my site impact navigation, search, discovery and task flows? How do I quantify usability problems and how can I turn feedback into actionable recommendations?