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Scholarly Publishing in Africa: Impact Factor vs. Societal Impact

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Scholarly publishing is a fundamental aspect of scientific research communication and the knowledge sharing process. It is also a determinant for career advancement in most academic fields. In Africa, scholarly publishing does not have a long history; it dates back only to the second half of the twentieth century. While publishing faces various challenges, there are numerous opportunities, such as the inflow of research funds, digitalization, and open access publishing, to make publishing easier for African scholars. As a result, many Africans are publishing their work in high-impact and top-rated journals. However, if one compares the rising rate of publication with societal development in Africa, the picture is very different. Africa still lags in social, economic and technological advancement. In her keynote, Dr. Yeshak will address the disconnect between the rate of publication and impact on societal development in Africa, focusing on potential solutions for maximizing societal benefit from publishing and how publishers can help.

Dr. Mariamawit Yeshak, Assistant Professor of Pharmacognosy, Addis Ababa University, @YMariamawit

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