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SSP Webinar: “Digital Revenue Innovation in Scholarly Publishing” Expanding Industry-Related Revenue Opportunities in the Digital Arena


Scholarly publishers have a unique opportunity with the growing expansion of digital media. This opportunity comes with unique challenges as well. In this webinar, you will hear from a panel of experts who have successfully overcome these challenges and maximized new revenue streams.

Questions and challenges include:

  • How has our industry evolved, and what impacts have near neighbor industries had on scholarly publishing commercial/ industry-related/ promotional digital revenue opportunities?
  • How can you compete for and win your share of the digital promotional revenue?
  • How to overcome the philosophical barriers to entering this new arena that exist within your own organization?
  • What are the successful strategies, and best practice tactics, to capitalize on the opportunities?
  • So, please join us on October 16, and put your best foot forward in time for the 2013 promotional spend planning season.