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Where to Find Growth in a Flat Market

Concurrent 3D: Where to Find Growth in a Flat Market

Lets get right to it: Where will growth in STM and scholarly publishing come from? The growth strategies of the past two decades appear to be nearing, if not a peak, at least a plateau. Site licensing and global expansion have driven growth for nearly two decades, but we have reached a point where these strategies will at best offer incremental growth in the decade to come. While publishers are producing an ever-increasing volume of content, institutional library budgets have not kept pace with the growth in global research output. This session will explore strategies for growth in the current flat landscape of today’s STM and scholarly publishing market, including new product development, growth through mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and increasing reliance on direct-to-consumer products and services. Attendees will gain knowledge to help assess and diversify their existing portfolios and determine the right mix of growth strategies to ensure a sustainable future.