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Why Inclusion Matters to Technology and Technology Matters to Inclusion

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Who are your users? Undoubtedly, they are academically advanced, intellectually curious, and demanding. They also increasingly include people who consume and create information differently than most publishers or other information providers currently present or process it. Maybe they can’t see your beautiful illustrations, or they can’t manipulate printed pages, or they can’t hear videos. If so, they are part of the one billion people on the planet who you aren’t fully serving, but who are increasingly part of your ecosystem as they advance in education, economic mobility, careers, and age. Huge strides in technology are changing the expectations of consumers, the geographic reach of solutions, and the very definition of publishing. Tech giants, including Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and Google, are continually innovating around the interfaces between consumers, creators, and their information, and have become leading advocates for inclusion. They are amplifying the work of global leaders in accessible education, product R&D, publishing, and standards. Can technology deliver a way forward to include everyone in the midst of so much change? How can your products and solutions become truly accessible, and what exactly does that mean? What do new innovations such as AI (artificial intelligence) offer, and how can they go wrong? Hear the perspectives of a technologist working at the forefront of these questions, where the answers stand as of now, and how publishers’ plans for their own digital transformation prompted a simple but revolutionary thought: Everything born digital must be, and can be, born accessible.

Betsy Beaumon, CEO, Benetech

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