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Will Richer Metadata Rescue Research?

Concurrent 3A: Will Richer Metadata Rescue Research?

Improving the discoverability of content is important for our entire community–funders, authors, preprint servers, publishers, libraries, readers. Yet metadata often isn’t a strategic priority.

A global group of organizations have joined to rally us to change that and your participation is requested!

This will be a lively, interactive discussion that will seek audience input, user stories and help to prioritize goals and tactics for a new metadata advocacy campaign called Metadata 2020.

What if it was easy to provide fuller metadata? Not just the basics but also license information, funding/grant data, ORCID iDs, organization IDs, clinical trial data, and corrections and retractions?

What if clean and complete metadata was a simple case of entering once and watching that work get enriched, delivered to other systems, and contributing to research worldwide?

Metadata 2020 is a campaign but also a collaboration. Join us!