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APIs in Scholarly Publishing – It’s a Marketing Thing

Concurrent 2C: APIs in Scholarly Publishing – It’s a Marketing Thing

How do organizations like Nature, JSTOR, the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA), aRxiv, IEEE and the National Library of Medicine and many other forward-looking publishers enable location-based services, comply with funder requirements, and improve the discoverability of content, all without having to spend development effort on massive projects? Weve all seen eyes glaze over when we hear that APIs are the future of Publishing. This session will draw back the curtain and demystify Application Programmers Interfaces, or APIs. We will explain and illustrate what they actually are and show how they allow the crowd to create tools publishers and libraries may not have even envisioned. Well start with a primer–what is an API, why should we care, and how can they benefit the scholarly publishing community.