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Fellowship Program

SSP awards 12 students and early-career professionals with a highly competitive Fellowship. This experience offers a wide range of career development, training, and networking opportunities for students and early-career professionals in the scholarly publishing industry. 

The Fellowship program supports and nurtures students and early-career professionals who are eager to develop their skills and learning experiences within the scholarly publishing community by attending informational sessions and networking with industry professionals.

Leading up to the Annual Meeting, the Fellowship program will provide many training and career development opportunities, including networking events, community forums, and individualized advice and guidance from an assigned mentor.

Learn more about application requirements, benefits, and responsibilities below.


Application Requirements

Early-Career Fellowship applicant requirements: must be in their first four years of work in the publishing and information profession.

Student Fellowship applicant requirements: must be current students in a dedicated publishing or library and information science program, or in another program in which they take publishing, librarianship, or information science courses.

Fellows will be selected on the strength of their responses to the three questions listed below. Please include your résumé with your application.

  • Please describe why you merit this Fellowship. Which of your work/educational experiences and qualifications are especially relevant?
  • In addition to communicating what you’ve learned by attending SSP’s Annual Meeting to your colleagues/fellow students, how will you practically incorporate this new knowledge into your work/educational life?
  • The scholarly communications field is in a state of flux. Discuss how this industry could or should evolve over the next five years to meet the changing needs of scholars and researchers.


Fellowship Benefits

SSP Fellows will receive the following:

  • Complimentary SSP membership;
  • Discounted SSP membership for two additional years;
  • Assignment of an industry expert Mentor, with opportunities to communicate via e-mail and Zoom throughout the year, and at the Annual Meeting;
  • Facilitated quarterly teleconferences with other Fellowship recipients with current and past SSP presidents and board members on developing leadership skills, and path for career growth;
  • Free registration to the Annual Meeting;
  • Free registration to a pre-conference seminar;
  • Fellowship meet-up and networking event at the Annual Meeting for current and former Fellows;
  • Reimbursement of up to US $1,300 for travel and lodging expenses incurred to attend the meeting. Applications from beyond North America are especially encouraged; funding of up to US $2,000 for travel is available to support overseas Fellows;
  • Free registration to SSP webinars organized throughout the year;
  • Free registration to one regional networking event organized throughout the year;
  • Opportunity to participate in an SSP committee.


Fellowship Responsibilities

All SSP Fellows will be ambassadors of the Society and are expected to undertake the following as part of their Fellowship:

  • Submit a written report after attending the SSP Annual Meeting describing experiences and learning outcomes. Note: this report may be used as the basis for an article on The Scholarly Kitchen.
  • Submit a poster to the Annual Meeting for benefit other early-career professionals and students studying publishing and library and information science;
  • Contribute to SSP’s Member Exchange as a community ambassador;
  • Participate in an annual Fellowship survey to provide feedback on the program;
  • Complete any feedback surveys for seminars, webinars, and networking events attended throughout the year;
  • Communicate and engage with their assigned Mentor throughout the year;
  • Give back to SSP by joining a committee at the end of the Fellowship.

As an SSP ambassador, Fellows will work with committees to promote and highlight the program, signing a release that will allow SSP to use their images and text in publicity material.



Supporting the SSP Fellowship Program

The Fellowship Program is made possible by the Generations Fund. Generous donations from members and industry endow the Generations Fund to allow SSP the resources, in perpetuity, to continue this program. Click here to learn more, or make a gift to help us reach our $500,000 goal.

If you have questions about the fellowship program, please contact us at info@sspnet.org.