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SSP Fellowship Program

2017 Fellowship Program

The Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) has announced that twelve students and early-career professionals have been awarded highly competitive Fellowships for 2017. The Career Development Committee received more than 70 applications for these coveted positions. The 2017 Fellows are:

Early Career Fellows:

Lois Jones, American Psychological Association, USA
Christen Pruitt, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. USA
Jennifer Lee, Royal Society of Chemistry, USA
Sai Konda, American Chemical Society, USA
Maggie Grossman, Northwestern University Press, USA

Student Fellows:

Ian Harmon, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, School of Information Sciences, USA
Jessica Kirschner, University of Pittsburgh, School of Information Sciences, USA
Jerry Liu, University of Waterloo, Canada

International Fellows:

Max Mosterd, Knowledge Unlatched, Germany
Franca Driessen, Oxford University Press, UK
Lucy Lambe, London School of Economics, UK
Lindsey Irish, Oxford Brookes University, UK

The Fellowships are funded through corporate sponsorship and from the SSP operating budget. Corporate Sponsors for 2017 include Kaufman Wills Fusting Consulting, Inera, Scholarly IQ, codeMantra and MDPI AG –Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute. Annual Meeting attendees will have an opportunity to support the Fellowship Program and update their profile photos at the same time by stopping by our Professional Headshot Studio, sponsored by RedLink.

Each year, the Society for Scholarly Publishing invites applications for the Annual Fellowship Program, an extension of and replacement for the Travel Grant Program.

Students of publishing, librarianship, and information science, together with early-career professionals in the first four years of employment in the scholarly communications industry, are invited to apply for one of approx. a dozen Fellowships that SSP will award in spring 2017.

Centered on the SSP Annual Meeting– to be held in Boston, MA, in 2017–the Fellowship program will support and nurture students and early-career professionals who are eager to develop their skills and learning experiences within the scholarly publishing community.

The Fellowship program will provide multiple training and career development opportunities throughout the year, in addition to networking events and community forums, individualized advice and guidance through mentorship, and the ability to actively participate in one of many SSP committees.

SSP Fellowship Benefits

Successful applicants will be named 2017 SSP Fellows and receive the following:

  • Complimentary SSP membership for the calendar year in which they become a Fellow;
  • Discounted SSP membership for two additional years;
  • Assignment of an industry expert Mentor, with opportunities to communicate via e-mail and telephone throughout the year, and in person at the Annual Meeting;
  • Facilitated quarterly teleconferences with other Fellowship recipients and Fellowship Mentors;
  • Free registration to the Annual Meeting;
  • Free registration to two pre-conference seminars;
  • Fellowship meet-up and networking event at the Annual Meeting for current Fellows and travel grant alumni;
  • Reimbursement of up to US $1,300 for travel and lodging expenses incurred to attend the meeting. Applications from beyond North America are especially encouraged; additional funding of up to US $2,000 for travel is available to support overseas Fellows;
  • Free registration to SSP webinars organized throughout the year;
  • Free registration to one regional networking event organized throughout the year;
  • Opportunity to participate in an SSP committee;
  • Membership in the Fellowship LinkedIn Alumni Group;

SSP Fellowship Obligations

All successful SSP Fellowship recipients will be ambassadors of the Society and will be expected to undertake the following throughout their Fellowship year:

  • Submit a written report after attending the SSP Annual Meeting describing experiences and learning outcomes;
  • Be actively involved in an SSP committee;
  • Participate in a group Fellowship project to benefit other early-career professionals and students studying publishing and library and information science;
  • Participate in an annual Fellowship survey to provide feedback on the program;
  • Complete any feedback surveys for seminars, webinars, and networking events attended throughout the year;
  • Communicate and engage with the assigned Mentor throughout the year.

As an SSP ambassador, Fellows will work with committees to promote and highlight the program, signing a release that will allow SSP to use Fellowship recipients’ images and text in publicity material.

SSP Fellowship Qualifications

For the Early-Career Fellows, employees must be in their first four years of work in the publishing and information profession.

For the Student Fellows, applicants must be current students in a dedicated publishing or library and information science program, or in another program in which they take publishing, librarianship, or information science courses.

Fellows will be selected on the strength of their responses to the three questions listed below. Résumés will also be taken into account.

  • Please describe why you merit this Fellowship. Which of your work/educational experiences and qualifications are especially relevant?
  • The Fellowship fosters engagement and networking in our publishing community. Please provide a few examples of how active involvement with SSP could benefit you.
  • The scholarly communications field is in a state of flux. Discuss how this industry could or should evolve over the next 5 years to meet the changing needs of scholars and researchers.

Applicants are asked to limit their responses to 300 words per question.

Deadline: Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Please click here to begin the application and enter your responses to the questions above. Once you complete the application, you will be redirected back to the SSP website to submit your résumé.

No references are required.

If you have questions about the fellowship program please contact Jennifer Lanphere at jlanphere@kellencompany.com.

For organizations interested in supporting the SSP Fellowship Program and for more information about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Kelly Smykal at ksmykal@kellencompany.com.

If you’re a previous Travel Grant recipient, please join our SSP Fellowship (Travel Grant) Alumni Group on LinkedIn. The group is a forum for all past recipients to keep in touch and share advice and updates about their studies and career development.

Supporting the SSP Fellowship Program

Thank you to all the students and early career professionals who applied to the 2016 Fellowship Program. We had almost 100 applications! To show your support, have you considered donating to the Fellowship Program?

Individual donations can be made online – from $25-$1000.

$2500 fellowship sponsorship packages are also available.

Please note, you do not need to be logged in to the SSP website to complete the online transaction.




Early Career Fellows

  • Lois Jones, American Psychological Association
  • Christen Pruitt, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
  • Jennifer Lee, Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Sai Konda, American Chemical Society
  • Maggie Grossman, Northwestern University Press

Student Fellows

  • Ian Harmon, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, School of Information Sciences
  • Jessica Kirschner, University of Pittsburgh, School of Information Sciences
  • Jerry Liu, University of Waterloo

International Fellows

  • Max Mosterd, Knowledge Unlatched
  • Franca Driessen, Oxford University Press
  • Lucy Lambe, London School of Economics
  • Lindsey Irish, Oxford Brookes University

Travel Grant Winners


Early Career Awards

  • Jennifer Geyer, University of Michigan Press, MI
  • Sarah Melton, Emory University Center for Digital Scholarship, GA
  • Nick Michal, Cambridge University Press, NY
  • Jenna Pope, John Wiley & Sons, NJ
  • Ali Versluis, University of Guelph, Canada

Student Awards

  • Erica Hayes, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
  • Carl Haynes, Syracuse University, NY
  • Mohammed Hossein Asadi Lari, University of British Columbia, Canada
  • Charles Lilly, University of Texas, Dallas, TX

International Awardees

  • Marcel Knöchelmann, University College, London, UK
  • Cherry-Ann Smart, University of the West Indies, Jamaica
  • Isabel Thompson, Oxford University Press, UK


Early Career Awards

  • Amy Laurent, Cambridge University Press
  • Carrie Macmillan, University of Toronto Press
  • Julie Markowitz, Wayne State University Press
  • Kathryn Osterndorff, Ooligan Press at Portland State University
  • Shayna Pekala, Indiana University Libraries
  • Xin Su, John Wiley & Sons Inc.

Student Awards

  • Rob Anderson, University of Tennessee, School of Information Science
  • Kelly Denzer, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, Dept. of Library and Information Studies
  • Ana Ndumu, Florida State University, School of Information
  • Anna Newman, Simmons College, School of Library and Information Science

International Awardees

  • Madina Assangaliyeva, Nazarbayev University Library, Astana, Kazakhstan
  • Joanne Hilliar, University of Sheffield, Information School, United Kingdom
  • Kathleen McGarry, Macquarie University, ACT, Australia


Early Career Awards

  • Emma Brink, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
  • Francesca Giannetti, Rutgers University Alexander Library
  • Elizabeth Gibson, Elsevier Science & Technology Books
  • Maeg Keane, BioOne
  • Katy Meert, Elsevier, Inc.

Student Awards

  • Emily Besich, University of Arizona
  • Alexandra Haehnert, Portland State University
  • Ashley Parker, George Washington University
  • Gedi Tang, University of Michigan
  • Mei Zhang, University of Wisconsin–Madison

International Awardees

  • Devasena Kanthi, Cactus Communications, India
  • Nadja Neumann, Karlstad University Library, Sweden
  • Emma Watkins, IOP Publishing, UK


Early Career Awards

  • Genevieve Allison, Museum of Modern Art
  • Antonia Pop, University of Toronto Press
  • Laurie Miller, Western National Parks Association
  • Sarah Lippincott, Educopia Institute/Library Publishing Coalition
  • Stacey Lutkoski, Duke University Press

Student Awards

  • Dana Crudo, George Washington University, College of Professional Studies
  • Peter Froehlich, Indiana University, Kelley School of Business
  • Ashley Downs, Syracuse University, School of Information
  • Irina Zeylikovich, University of Michigan, School of Information
  • Maryam Ronagh, Drexel University, Dept. of Culture and Communication
  • Barnaby Hughes, San Jose State University, School of Library and Information Science

International Awardees

  • Marisha Fonseca, Cactus Communications, Mumbai, India
  • Gabriela Olaru, Yeditepe University, Istanbul, Turkey


Early Career Awards

  • Katherine Bridgewater, Wiley-Blackwell
  • Lauren Crocker, Wayne State University Press
  • Dawn Durante, University of Illinois Press
  • Korey Jackson, MPublishing – University of Michigan
  • Crystal Thompson, Families in Society, Alliance for Children and Families

Student Awards

  • Joana Costa Knufinke, New York University
  • Anamika Dasgupta, Long Island University
  • Emily McHugh, McGill University
  • Erich Purpur, University of North Carolina
  • Nicholas Weber, University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign


Early Career Awards

  • Elizabeth Andersen, American Society of Clinical Oncology
  • Alaina Cauchie, Senator John Heinz History Center Library and Archives, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Jamie Jones, Wayne State University Press
  • Elizabeth Smart, Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University
  • Gwenan Spearing, CABI, UK

Student Awards

  • Andrea Alexander, University of Michigan School of Information
  • Peter Devereaux, University of Maryland College of Information Studies
  • Alex Garnett, University of British Columbia School of Library, Archival and Information Studies
  • Timothy McCormick, Long Island University Palmer School of Library and Information Science
  • Shirley Zhao, Long Island University Palmer School of Library and Information Science