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Logo Guidelines

The logos and sub-brands of the Society for Scholarly Publishing are SSP trademarks and may only be used by those who have received prior written permission from SSP for a specific use. This permission is usually granted based on a shared initiative or special relationship.

The following guidelines are provided for committees, staff, and SSP partners who create official SSP marketing materials and/or communications. By using the logo(s), you agree that you will adhere to the Visual Identity Guidelines below.

Visual Identity Guidelines

This document outlines guidelines for how the SSP logo should and should not be presented. It includes variations of the mark for various purposes, defines colors and typography to be used in official SSP materials, and provides a design convention for current and future program sub-brands.

Marketing and Editorial Style Guidelines

The purpose of the Editorial Style Guide is to provide uniformity in writing and in formatting official SSP communications. Following a standard guide ensures that SSP materials are consistent and professional. The guide includes the consistent use of names, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, abbreviations, and the use of numbers throughout a document.

Logo Files

To request a copy of the SSP logo, please contact info@sspnet.org. Please indicate the intended use of the logo as well as which variations you are requesting.  Use of the logo requires approval of the SSP Executive Director.


Organizational Members

Badges can be used by SSP organizational members to indicate their support for affiliation with SSP. Badges are available for both Supporting and Sustaining levels. Organizational Member badges can be downloaded below. No other use of the SSP logo is permitted by members or third-parties without explicit permission.






Program-specific sponsors badges will be distributed for various SSP programs and events. No other use of the SSP logo is permitted by members or third-parties without explicit permission. Sponsors badges will be sent directly to sponsors after receipt of sponsorships fees.